Interagency Working Group (IWG)

Records of the Foreign Service Posts of the Department of State (Record Group 84)

Notice to Researchers in Records Released under the Nazi War Crimes Disclosure Act and the Japanese Imperial Government Records Act

The Nazi War Crimes and Japanese Imperial Government Records Interagency Working Group (IWG), in implementing the Nazi War Crimes Disclosure Act and the Japanese Imperial Government Records Act, has taken the broadest view in identifying records that may be responsive to the Acts. Information relevant to the Acts is often found among files related to other subjects. In order to preserve the archival integrity of the files, the IWG and the National Archives and Records Administration, where possible, have released entire files together, not just those items related to Nazi or Japanese war criminals, crimes, persecution, and looted assets. These records may relate to persons who are war criminals, former Axis personnel who are not war criminals, victims of war crimes or persecution, or civilian or military personnel investigating Nazi activities; the records may also include mention of, or information about, persons having no connection to these activities.


Records of Bonn Embassy Records of the U.S. Member of the Mixed Parole and Clemency Board 1953-1958 (MLR Entry 1004)

Boxes 1-52 location: 631/19/54/04

Records of the U.S. Mission, Berlin

Records of the Assistant Chief of Mission Miscellaneous Records 1952 (MLR Entry 1025A)

Contains a printed report entitled "The Socialist Reich Party (SRP-A Biographical Analysis." This is Biographical Study No. 70, dated April 8, 1952, prepared by the Reports Division, Office of Political Affairs, HICOG [High Commissioner for Germany]. Box 4 location: 631/19/54/03

Records of the Eastern Affairs Division Subject File 1949-1952 (MLR Entry 1026)

FileTitle Box# Location
Basic HICOG Documents (2 folders) 4 631/19/43/03

Records of the Allied Kommandatura

Records of the OMGUS [Office of the Military Governor, United States] Property Control Branch Case Files 1945-1947 (MLR Entry 1019A)

Boxes 1-51 location: 631/19/53/02

Records of the Secretariat Subject File 1949-1967 (MLR Entry 1016)

File Title Box# Location
Custodians of Duress Properties, 1949-1967 5 631/20/7/06
Restitution (6 folders), 1949-1976 10-11 631/20/7/07
Spandau (14 folders), 1946-1969 12-13 631/20/7/07

Subject File (MLR Entry 1016E)

File Title Box# Location
Allied German Courts-Supreme Restitution Court-Berlin 1953 3 631/20/9/07
Assets in Germany of Norwegian Firm 1952-1953 4 631/20/9/07
Control Council Directive 50 1951-1953 7 631/20/10/01
Denazification 1950-1952 8 631/20/10/01
Dormant Banks 1951-1954 8 631/20/10/01
German Claims Law 1950-1954 10 631/20/10/01
Patent Law 1948-1954 14 631/20/10/02
Real Estate Securities 1950-1953 16 631/20/10/02
Restitution Legislation-Berlin Sector 1950-1952 17 631/20/10/02
Securities Settlement Law 1950 17 631/20/10/02

Records of the Property Control Committee Minutes and Related Records 1945-1952 (MLR Entry 1019B)       

  Boxes 1-6 location: 631/19/53/02

Records of the Legal Committee Subject File 1945-1974 (MLR Entry 1008B)

File Title Box# Location
CC Law 10 and CC Directive 38 (Punishment of War Criminals) 1945-1974 3-4 631/20/9/04
Control Council Directive 50 1948-1958 4 631/20/9/04
Criminal Cases 1946-1952 5 631/20/9/05
Courts-Supreme Restitution Court (3 folders) 1964-1968 5 631/20/9/05
Denazification (2 folders) 1945-1972 5-6 631/20/9/05
Judgements and Sentences (2 folders) 1945-1964 10 631/20/9/05
Property 1945-1950 13 631/20/9/06
Restitution 1952-1974 16-18 631/20/9/07
Swolinsky 1946-1947 19 631/20/9/07