Interagency Working Group (IWG)

Meeting Minutes: 12/29/05

National Archives Building
Washington, DC 20004

December 29, 2005

National Archives and Records Administration
Steven Garfinkel (Chair)
National Security Council
Not Present
Public Members
Thomas Baer
Richard Ben-Veniste
Elizabeth Holtzman
Department Of Justice
Office of Special Investigations

Eli Rosenbaum
Central Intelligence Agency
Mary Walsh
Stan Moskowitz
United States Holocaust Memorial Museum
Not Present
Office of the Secretary Of Defense
Not Present
Department Of State
Paul Claussen
Federal Bureau of Investigation
Not Present
Other agency, IWG staff, and consultants were present.

Steven Garfinkel updated the membership on recent developments. In particular he discussed his meeting with Allen Weinstein, Archivist of the United States, in which the Archivist made clear his full commitment to the work of the IWG. Mr. Garfinkel noted the presence of Mr. Brian Dowling. He thanked Mr. Dowling, who is retiring after many years in Federal service, for his crucial role in the State Department implementation of the Disclosure Acts.

Mr. Moskowitz commented on the change in the CIA release policy and re-review efforts. He noted that most documents are being released in full except where CIA employee names are present and that thus far no documents have been withheld in full.. Only CIA employee names, some sensitive non-war criminal sources, and file information are redacted from the documents.

IWG historians complimented the CIA’s efforts and noted the quality and value of the newly released material.

There followed a general discussion about specific CIA documents and files. Mr. Moskowitz and Ms Walsh agreed to check on transcribed CIA oral histories.

In response to a line of inquiry from historians and public members, staff agreed to send a list of Polish SS officers as well as a list of Nazis in South America to the CIA. A list of Nazis in South America will be checked against FBI files to determine the need for further inquiry.

Staff and historians also agreed to assemble a list of any names that might be appropriate for transmittal to other agencies for additional searches.

Staff noted the receipt of 1.3 million image files from the Army Investigative Records Repository. The files had been scanned from Counterintelligence Corps dossiers. The staff explained the effort to preserve the files and review them for declassification in order to make them available in a timely manner.

Historians Edward Drea and Michael Petersen presented an evaluation of CIA Japan-related material to be included in Japan IWG volume.

State Department member Marc Susser presented the findings of the Departments search of sample lists of German and Japanese war criminal and suspect names, noting the slight return on time spent because the time period of the materials still held at the Department was much later than materials that could be expected to be productive. After discussion, Mr. Susser agreed to revisit the search effort using additional names provided by the historians.

The cover illustration and table of contents for the forthcoming volume of essays on Japanese war crimes research was presented and a general discussion was pursued regarding several of the chapters.

Meeting adjourned 2:00 p.m.

Two agenda topics, OSI exclusions and media planning, were postponed.