National Historical Publications & Records Commission

NHPRC Grants - November 2017

Access to Historical Records: Major Initiatives

For major collaborative initiatives that promote the preservation and use of historical records collections to broaden understanding of our democracy, history, and culture.


Moving Image Preservation of Puget Sound

Seattle, WA                                                                                         $116,700

To support a collaboration with the Seattle Municipal Archives, Seattle Public Library Special Collections, University of Washington Ethnomusicology Collections, and University of Washington Special Collections to process and create online descriptions for four videotape collections, digitize 1,228 tapes and make them available online, and train a representative at each institution in best practices and methods in digital conversion of videotape. Collections include the Seattle Channel Collection on community and cultural affairs; the Donald Schmechel Oral History Collection of oral histories of 65 individuals prominent in Seattle’s growth; the Vi Hilbert Collection on coastal Salish language, songs, stories, and culture; and the Doris Chase Collection on Northwest women’s issues.


University of New Orleans

New Orleans, LA                                                                                $201,747

To support a partnership with the University of Alabama and Cornell University to digitize and provide online access to at least 40,000 fugitive slave ads from U.S. newspapers, 1807-1865. The project will also create an educators portal, create a museum kiosk for visitors to engage with the records, and develop and apply enhanced GIS to aid in the mapping of fugitive slave locations and migrations over time. This project will enhance a database of fugitive slaves in North America based on information contained in newspaper advertisements placed by the enslavers.


University of Georgia Research Foundation, Inc.

Athens, GA                                                                                         $216,280

To support a partnership with the American Archive of Public Broadcasting to digitize and make available online 3,477 (approximately 4,000 hours) of public radio and television programs (1941-1999) submitted for Peabody Awards by 230 stations across the country.  The Peabody Awards honor the most powerful and enlightening stories in television, radio, and online. Archivists at the University of Georgia’s Brown Media Archives will collaborate with the American Archive of Public Broadcasting Library, which is a partnership of the Library of Congress and WGBH Education Foundation. Documenting local, state, and national history, the collection ranges from children’s programming to documentary to news series.


Regents of the University of California

Merced, CA                                                                                         $308,900

To support a project that will digitize approximately 180,000 pages and 2,000 photographs from 20 County Cooperative Extension Reports. These reports date from 1913 through the 1960s and contain summaries and detailed narratives by farm advisors and home demonstration agents which document rural life and the development of communities and the region. The project will also arrange a minimum of 100 linear feet and create a demonstration project using the records to engage Merced County 4-H students in tagging and curating digital records. As part of their work, UC Merced will develop a searchable interactive map of county information using ArcGIS Story Maps platform or the Leaflet library and the Calisphere API.         


California State University, Dominguez Hills

Dominguez Hills, CA                                                                          $238,520

To support a project to digitize and make accessible 10,400 archival records relating to 20th century Japanese-American history from 19 collections, including photographs, organization and family manuscript collections, and oral histories held at eight institutions throughout California. While spanning the 1920s through the 1980s, the collections to be digitized will emphasize World War II interment and post-war years as part of the California State University Japanese American Digitization Project. Densho, an organization committed to preserving Japanese American History, will partner with project participants to build and enhance a Names Registry, an online, searchable database of those Japanese Americans forced to relocation camps.




Publishing Historical Records

For projects that document major historical figures, and important eras and social movements in the history of the nation.


George Washington University

Washington, DC                                                                                  $195,122

To support the Eleanor Roosevelt Papers project, including the completion of Volume 3: The Cold War Years, 1953-1955; to edit and publish 178 audio recordings and radio scripts on the ERP Online Audio Archive; and to develop a “My Day” analytics webpage.


Massachusetts Historical Society

Boston, MA                                                                                         $146,726

To support a project to edit the papers of John Adams and the Adams Family, including the publication of Volume 14 of the Adams Family Correspondence and advance work on volume 15; editorial work on volume 20 of the Papers of John Adams; and add to the Adams Papers Digital Edition.


Rector and Visitors of the University of Virginia

Charlottesville, VA                                                                              $75,394

To support the Presidential Recordings project, including the transcription, annotation, and preparation for publication of secret White House recordings made by President John F. Kennedy in 1963, related to the U.S. involvement in Vietnam.


The Trustees of Princeton University

Princeton, NJ                                                                                       $132,516

To support work on the Papers of Thomas Jefferson, including preparation of Volume 42 for electronic publication via UVa Press/Rotunda and Founders Online, and to advance editorial work on Volumes 44-47 of the print edition, including publication of Volume 44.


Research Foundation for SUNY Westbury

Albany, NY                                                                                         $120,567

To support The Papers of Clarence Mitchell, Jr., including completion and submission of the manuscript for Volume 7 (1961-1964) and editorial work on Volume 8 (1965-1968), and to commence work on the digital edition in collaboration with the UVa Center for Digital Editing.


University of Wisconsin

Madison, WI                                                                                        $149,725

To support editorial work on The Documentary History of the Ratification of the Constitution and the Adoption of the Bill of Rights, including the final two volumes of the States Series devoted to North Carolina’s ratification, and annotation of Volume 1 of six expected volumes in the Bill of Rights Series.



State Board Programming Grants

Grants to strengthen archives and historical records programs in each of the states and build a national archival network.


Alaska Department of Education and Early Development

Juneau, AK                                                                                          $20,000

To support the Alaska Historical Records Advisory Board’s programs, including a webinar on electronic records management, a digital Archives Month poster focusing on electronic records issues, and the initiation of a Digitization Archivist Program to increase online access to Alaska records.


Friends of the California Archives

Sacramento, CA                                                                                  $24,100

To support the California Historical Records Advisory Board’s programs, including a new strategic plan and workshops and webinars for repositories that wish to enhance their online presence and increase the public’s use and understanding of archival records.


Colorado Historical Records Advisory Board

Denver, CO                                                                                         $40,000

To support the Board’s programs, including a regrant program, two “Archiving Colorado 101” workshops, and a mentoring program that will offer one-on-one assistance through a series of site visits. .


Connecticut State Library

Hartford, CT                                                                                       $80,000

To support the Connecticut Historical Records Advisory Board’s programs, including a Traveling Archivist Implementation grant program, basic digitization training for those working at cultural heritage institutions, Connecticut History Day, and Archives Month.


University of Georgia

Athens, GA                                                                                         $40,000

To support the Georgia Historical Records Advisory Board, including regrants, scholarships to attend the Georgia Archives Institute, and an archival training webinar for local government officials.


Idaho State Historical Society

Boise, ID                                                                                                         $17,350

To support the Idaho Historical Records Advisory Board’s programs, including regrant projects, a statewide outreach program, and best practices workshops in two regions of the state.


Indiana Archives and Records Administration

Indianapolis, IN                                                                                  $3,400

To support the Indiana Historical Records Advisory Board’s programs, including workshops on records management, electronic records, and archives basics.


Kansas Historical Foundation, Inc.

Topeka, KS                                                                                         $54,320

To support the Kansas Historical Records Advisory Board’s programs, including the Kansas Digital Access to Historical Records regrant program, scholarships for education and training, and public outreach.


Kentucky Historical Records Advisory Board

Frankfort, KY                                                                                     $26,250

To support the Board’s programs, including at least four workshops or webinars, Archives Month, and updating the strategic plan.


Michigan Department of Natural Resources and Environment

Lansing, MI                                                                                         $25,000

To support the Michigan Historical Records Advisory Board’s programs, including approximately 20 site visits to institutions across the state that will focus on encouraging the use of best practices.


Missouri Office of the Secretary of State

Jefferson City, MO                                                                              $6,534

To support the Missouri Historical Records Advisory Board’s programs, including free intermediate-level genealogy workshops at seven locations across the state, and a plan of work for 2019-2021.


Montana Historical Society

Helena, MT                                                                                         $13,721

To support one year of the Montana Historical Records Advisory Board’s programs, including training scholarships for archivists, a one-day workshop on archives at the annual Montana History Conference, two editions of the Montana Archivist newsletter, an Archives Month poster, the Student Traveling Archivist program, and an Archives Blitz for processing collections at small and underserved repositories.


New York State Archives Partnership Trust

Albany, NY                                                                                         $40,000

To support the New York Historical Records Advisory Board’s programs, including establishing an Implementation Grants program for institutions that have completed archival needs assessments.


North Carolina Historical Records Advisory Board

Raleigh, NC                                                                                         $35,310

To support the Board’s programs, including digitization of historical records from selected repositories across the state and making images available through DigitalNC, the website of the North Carolina Digital Heritage Center, and to support training in metadata basics and digitization standards.


Ohio Historical Society

Columbus, OH                                                                                    $30,270

To support one year of the Ohio Historical Records Advisory Board’s programs, including awards for History Day projects, regrant projects, a workshop on educational outreach to students, and the implementation of an Archives Fellowship Program.


Oklahoma Department of Libraries

Oklahoma City, OK                                                                            $80,000

To support the Oklahoma Historical Records Advisory Board’s programs, including a regrant program, training opportunities, Archives Months workshops, a traveling archivist, scholarships for training events, and work with up to six repositories to develop individual preservation plans.


Tennessee State Library and Archives

Nashville, TN                                                                                      $38,500

To support the Tennessee Historical Records Advisory Board’s programs, including a regrant program, the Tennessee Archives Institute, and online workshops on digitization.


Utah State Archives and Records Service

Salt Lake City, UT                                                                               $40,000

To support the Utah Historical Records Advisory Board’s programs, including awards of at least eight regrants, five site visits to provide direct assistance to repositories, a family history workshop, and maintaining the board’s website.


Vermont State Archives and Records Administration

Montpelier, VT                                                                                    $40,000

To support the Vermont Historical Records Advisory Board’s programs, including a pilot Technical Assistance Program to help repositories across the state.


Wyoming Department of State Parks and Cultural Resources

Cheyenne, WY                                                                                    $42,448

To support the Wyoming Historical Records Advisory Board’s programs, including a regrant program, four workshops, a seminar on electronic records, and updating the website and regrant guidelines.