Presentations for 22nd Annual Preservation Conference

22nd Annual Preservation Conference

The ABC's of Modern Fire Suppression in Cultural Institutions

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PowerPoint Presentations

Moderator for morning sessions:  Mary Lynn Ritzenthaler, Chief, Document Conservation Division, NARA

Fire Protection and CulturalProperty (384KB)
Catherine Nicholson, Supervisory Conservator, Document Conservation Division, NARA

Fire Protection:  An Historical Overview, Part 1 (6.50MB) | Part 2 (8.30MB)
J. Andrew Wilson, Associate Director for Fire Protection and Safety, Smithsonian Institution Washington, DC

New Fire Suppression Technologies (29.6MB)
Nick Artim, Director, Fire Safety Network, Middlebury, Vermont

Risk Assessment for Cultural Institutions:  Fire Testing vs. Computer Modeling (516KB) | PDF Version (353KB)
Dr. Frederick W. Mowrer, Associate Professor, Department of Fire Protection Engineering, University of Maryland, College Park, Maryland

Moderator for afternoon sessions:  Hilary A. Kaplan, Senior Conservator, Document Conservation Division, NARA

Approaches to Fire Suppression in NARA Facilities:  New Buildings and Renovations (696KB)
Ron Noll, Chief, Real Property Management Branch, NARA

Low Oxygen Fire Suppression at the British Library (2.93MB)
Julian Taylor, Construction Project Sponsor, British Library, London, England

Update: R&D Project for Fire Protection in High Density Storage Facilities (3.30MB)
 Roberta Pilette, Head, Preservation Department, Yale University, New Haven, Connecticut

Why Williamsburg Went Wet Pipe (17.2MB)
 Patricia Silence, Conservator of Exhibits, Colonial Williamsburg Foundation, Williamsburg, Virginia

Fire Suppression in the Capitol Visitors Center Exhibit Gallery (848KB)
Martha C. Sewell, Exhibition Project Director, The Capitol Visitors Center, Washington, DC

Fire Protection for the Rare Collections Library (24.34MB)
Cornelius Rusnov, Project Coordinator, The State Library of Pennsylvania