25th Annual Preservation Conference

25th Annual National Archives Preservation Conference


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Date: The conference was held on Wednesday, March 16 and Thursday, March 17, 2011

Program Schedule

Cost: $285.00 standard and $195.00 for full-time students

Marriott Inn and Conference Center
University of Maryland University College (UMUC)
3501 University Avenue East
Hyattsville, Maryland 20783

About the Conference

Conservation2 = Preserving Collections x Our Environment

We live in an exciting and challenging time of transition, transformation and global, national and professional change! Successful long term preservation and availability of archival, library and museum collections requires meeting the challenges of global climate and economic changes and the need for creative and sustainable solutions. The National Archives and Records Administration's (NARA) 25th Preservation Conference Conservation2 provided a venue for expert practitioners, advocates for preservation, the environment and allied professions to present and discuss these changes, collaborative opportunities and options for the future.

Program speakers included scientists, preservation, architecture and engineering professionals, administrators and facility managers; all advocates and thinkers in preserving our collections and our environment. The conference drew participants from diverse fields including administrators of archives, historical collections, libraries and museums; architects, facilities managers and engineers: archivists, curators and librarians; collections care and preservation managers, and conservators and preservation specialists and students in all these areas.

NARA's 25th Annual Preservation Conference Conservation2 explored:

  • How climate and economic changes will shift preservation strategies

  • How we are taking advantage of research evidence to identify environmental options for collection materials that are responsive to local climate and weather patterns.

  • Results of research carried out in the UK by The National Archives on how the environment impacts collection materials and new thinking about environmental control and preservation methodologies as research and evidence results are analyzed.

  • How the National Archives in College Park, MD (Winner of the 2010 Presidential "Lean, Clean and Green" Award) accomplished significant energy reductions without major renovation.

  • How to most effectively operate and use environmental control systems in the context of energy use.

  • The importance of developing relationships with allied professionals and how to communicate in a time of changing regulations and standards.

  • Advances in lighting and the impact of new technologies on exhibition and energy costs.

  • Possible sources of supporting the conversion to sustainable preservation environments.

Please visit the Program Schedule web page for the speaker's list and exhibitors that participated.

For further information please contact the Conference Coordinator: Richard Schneider, 301-837-3617.