Comparison of Drying Methods

Vacuum freeze-dried sleeved and encapsulated records dried successfully without removing their plastic and produced a moisture meter reading slightly below the “dry” range of 5-7%.  Large quantities of water damaged collections that are sleeved or encapsulated, may therefore be effectively vacuum freeze-dried.  

Refer to CaptionSlide 44 Comparison of Drying Methods Kaplan/Ludwig 2003

Wet or damp sheets left within the sleeves did not dry at the same rate as non-sleeved records.  All of the records set out to air-dry did so within 48 hours.  Yet a reading taken of a polyester-sleeved sheet after the same period of time showed a moisture content of 14.5 %.  We note that paper needs to be removed from its sleeve to air-dry. 

Refer to CaptionSlide 45 Comparison of Drying Methods Kaplan/Ludwig 2003