Comparison of Drying Methods

Specify how label information is to be preserved.  Negotiate the quality and design of replacement boxes.  

Keep in mind that shipping may contribute to records’ distortion and length of exposure to moisture. 

Despite all efforts, records may be lost.
Refer to CaptionSlide 50 Comparison of Drying Methods Kaplan/Ludwig 2003
Preparations for all drying activities involve staff time, whether in direct recovery, or in administering activities associated with off-site commercial processes.  For security purposes, records may need to remain on-site or be handled only by staff before being sent for vendor services.  If housings no longer maintain adequate structural support, water-saturated records may need to be handled for re-boxing and re-labeling before freezing and shipping.
Refer to CaptionSlide 51 Comparison of Drying Methods Kaplan/Ludwig 2003