Comparison of Drying Methods

Obtain a listing of fees for services and
  • determine if there is a minimum charge for small jobs or cost breaks for large quantities.
  • ask if there are additional fees for boxes, labeling, or other special services
  • ask if there are costs for return shipping

One records storage box does not equal point zero 28 (.028) cubic meters or one cubic foot.  From the vendor’s perspective, this box is equivalent to point zero 34 (.034) cubic meters.  This increase will be reflected in final charges.  Each set of 2 records storage boxes was billed as point zero 57 (.057) cubic meters or 2.4 cubic feet by all vendors.

Refer to CaptionSlide 48 Comparison of Drying Methods Kaplan/Ludwig 2003
Be aware that intellectual control and original order may not be preserved unless specified.

Indicate how groupings of records are to be re-associated if fasteners, folders, or adhesive attachments cannot be preserved and retained with records. 
Refer to CaptionSlide 49 Comparison of Drying Methods Kaplan/Ludwig 2003