Repairing Existing Damage to Family Papers and Photographs


When to Call a Conservator

Contact a conservator if you cannot safely solve a problem with correct storage and handling. Wet or currently pest-infested materials need quick action to prevent further damage. In most other cases, you have time to decide if you want treatment completed or if you would like to store the items in their damaged condition.

Examples where a conservator could do treatment to repair the damage include:

Rolled map that is torn in half Group of documents that stuck together
Rolled items that cannot be unrolled without tearing Original documents that are stuck together
Mold on documents
Mold on original documents
Document that is in many pieces
Original documents in many pieces
Book with damaged binding  
Book with damaged binding  

Finding a Preservation Professional

The American Institute for Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works (AIC) has a Find a Professional website that provides lists of conservation professionals searchable by location, by specialization, and by the type of service.