Audio-Video Preservation Lab

The goal of the Audio-Video (A/V) Preservation Lab is to provide appropriate digital products for National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) audio and video collections.  We also seek to provide helpful services and technical expertise to assist NARA staff and other stakeholders working with audio and video collections.

Aligned with the widely accepted practices in the archival community (see: Sources Consulted), the A/V Preservation Lab supports analog-to-digital reformatting workflows for audio and video, for both preservation and distribution purposes. The Lab also works with selected born-digital material in NARA’s collections and has developed a suite of products to satisfy a variety of demands for a range of source materials. Selection of an appropriate product or set of products is a collaborative process between archival and technical staff.

In addition to the products created, A/V Preservation Lab staff provide a complement of essential services to support the archival process across NARA and the broader community.

Audio-Video Reformatting Approaches

NARA Audio-Video Preservation Resources