Music USA (MUSA) Digitization Project

This series consists of sound recordings from Willis Conover's primary jazz program, "Music USA,” and consists of approximately 10,000 1/4" audio reels. The items range from 306.MUSA.2149B to 15228A (with gaps). A detailed series description may be found on ARC.  The reels span from 1959 to 1996.

The first 3,000 (approximate) reels were digitized by vendors and stored as 96kHz 24-bit mono WAV preservation master files on “archival” gold CD-Rs.  Due to the length of the programs, many of the reels had to be divided over several CD-Rs. The Audio Preservation Lab has estimated 5,000 CD-Rs were created for the project.  The lab has ingested all of these CD-Rs and in many cases had to re-assemble the audio files back into one complete file.  The lab also digitized any reels that did not have CD-Rs previously created, or if errors were found with the existing files. The lab has successfully completed creating/ingesting files for the first 3,000 items.

This is primarily a preservation project.  For this project, the lab is producing a Audio Maximum Capture [AUD-P1] preservation master file only. The reels that have already been encountered were in good physical condition.  Because the original reels span from 1959 to 1996, it is likely that the labs will run into reels that are in poor condition due to sticky shed syndrome, which started showing up on tape with later production dates. This project is still in production.

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