Running for Office

Running for Congress

Because they are constantly campaigning, members of Congress have to balance time spent legislating in Washington with time spent interacting with constituents in their home districts. Berryman captured this challenge in many cartoons, depicting members of Congress racing back home to explain their votes and campaign for the next election.

Refer to Caption The ’Come Back’ May 25, 1914 Republican Uncle Joe Cannon was ousted as Speaker in 1910 and lost his reelection bid in a Democratic sweep of Congress in 1912. This cartoon shows Cannon––with his ever-present cigar––running toward the Congressional Special attempting a come back for his House seat in 1914.
Refer to Caption It’s Not Going to be Such a Restful Month at That August 25, 1921 This cartoon highlights the never-ending dilemma faced by members of Congress––explaining votes on various issues to the diverse interests back home.
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