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Prologue: Winter 1997

Essays Prologue Cover, Winter 1997 The Fair Employment Practice Committee and the Shipyard Hearings of 1943-1944
James S. Rush, Jr.

A Cold and Cheerless Habitation: Military Records and the Interpretation of Historic Interiors at Fort Point National Historic Site
Mary K. Grassick

Without Right of Conquest: The Civil War Occupation and Restoration of the Findlay Foundry of Macon, Georgia
Robert Scott Davis, Jr.


Prologue in Perspective:Volunteering for History
John W. Carlin

Our Heritage in Documents: With the Compliments of . . .
William Gladstone

Prologue Portfolio: The Arctic Sketches of Russell W. Porter
Mary C. Ryan

Genealogy Notes: The United States Armed Forces and the Mexican Punitive Expedition, Part 2
Mitchell Yockelson



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