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Prologue | Summer 2001

Summer 2001 Prologue coverEssays

Roosevelt and His Library
Cynthia M. Koch and Lynn A. Bassanese

The Voyage of the "Coolie" Ship Kate Hooper, October 3, 1857 - March 26, 1858
Robert J. Plowman

The Search for the Site of the Sand Creek Massacre
Christine Whitacre

"Two Japans": Japanese Expressions of Sympathy and Regret in the Wake of the Panay Incident
Trevor K. Plante


Prologue in Perspective: A Birthday Party You Won't Want to Miss
John W. Carlin

Spotlight on NARA: Creating the National Archives Experience

Genealogy Notes: The Army Medal of Honor: The First Fifty-five Years
Mark C. Mollan



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