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Details about the Samplers

Fall 2002, Vol. 34, No. 3

Details about the Samplers Found in the Revolutionary War Pension Files

Including information about each sampler and its maker with reference to the file where it was located.

Martha Earl

Birth record of Martha Earl
Martha Earl (b. August 1,1781) (married to Casparus or Jasper Bartolf)
Hackensack, Bergen County, N.J., ca. 1787
10 1/8" x 9 5/8"
Silk on linen

"Martha Earl is my/name
Hackensack is/ my station
Heaven/is my dwelling [place]/
And Christ is my [sal/v]ation
When I [am]/dead and in my grav/
-e and all my bones/are rotten
For / this you sea remem/ber me
That I are/not forgottin
She was born August/ 1 AD 1781

Martha was living at Bergen County, N.J., at the time of her deposition in 1842.

Pension file of Morris Earl
New Jersey, W849

Patsey Bonner

Birth and marriage record of Patsey Bonner
Patsey (nee Martha) Bonner (b. January 8, 1775) (married to John McKenzie Dec. 20, 1792, at Washington County, Ga.)
Probably Washington County, Ga., 1792 (per her deposition of Oct. 3, 1843)
10 ¼" x 11 1/8"
Silk on linen

"P.B. her sampler she/was born in the year of our lord 1775/
Patsey Bonner Her Sampler/She was born the 8 Day of January in the/Year 1775 And also married the 20 Day of/December 1792 to Mr John McKenzie/James Bonner was Born the 2 Day of December [unfinished]/Patsey McKenzie/John H. McKenzie was B.       /C.A.R."

Martha was living at Carroll County, Tenn., at the time of her depositions in 1843 and 1846.

Pension file of John McKenzie
Virginia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Continental, W1049

Mary Hearn

Birth record of Mary Hearn
Mary Hearn (b. December 12, 1782) (married to 1-Joseph Elkins; 2-Peter Fralick)
Nantucket Island, Mass., 1793
12 ½" x 13 ½"
Silk on linen

"And I Said Oh That I Had Wings Like A Dove/For Then Would I Fly Away & Be. At Rest/
Mary Hearn Born December 12, 1782/ Markt This Sampler In The Year 1793"
(from Psalm 55: 6)

Mary was living at Marathon, Cortland County, N.Y., at the time of her depositions in 1846 and 1847.

Pension file of Daniel Hearn
Massachusetts, W17064

Harriet Bacon

Family record of Samuel Bacon and Anna Guiteau (m. January 17, 1787)
Harriet Bacon (b. May 22, 1794) (apparently never married)
Probably Lanesboro, Berkshire County, Mass., ca. 1804 - 1805
18 ¼" x 15 1/8"
Silk on linen

Harriet was living at Trenton, Oneida County, N.Y., at the time of her deposition in 1844.

Pension file of Samuel Bacon
Massachusetts, New York W20681

Laura Goodale

Family record of Chester Goodale and Asenath Cook (m. Aug. 6, 1790 at New Lebanon, Columbia County, N.Y.)
Laura Goodale (b. March 12, 1793) (married to ______ Hadley)
Probably Berkshire County, Mass., ca. 1809, updated 1812 or later
12 7/8" x 15 ¾"
Silk on linen

Laura was living at Egremont, Berkshire County, Mass., at the time of her deposition in 1840.

Pension file of Chester Goodale
Connecticut, W19522, B.L.Wt. 26983-160-55

Huldah Booth

Family record of Peter Booth and Mary Leonard (m. ca. 1778 at Bolton, Tolland County, Conn.; first surviving child b. 1782)
Huldah Booth (b. April 20, 1789) (married to ________ Andrews or Andrus)
Cheshire, Berkshire County, Mass., or eastern New York, ca. 1818
10 ¼" x 11 1/8"
Silk on linen

Huldah was living at New Haven, Oswego County, N.Y., at the time of her deposition in 1848.

Pension file of Peter Booth
Connecticut, Massachusetts, W15597

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