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Prologue | Fall 2002

Fall 2002 Prologue Cover


The Black Market in Postwar Berlin: Colonel Miller and an Army Scandal
Kevin Conley Ruffner

"Remember Me": Six Samplers in the National Archives
Jennifer Davis Heaps

Band of Angels: Sister Nurses in the Spanish-American War
Mercedes Graf


Prologue in Perspective: The Constitution of the United States: Document of the People
John W. Carlin

Civil War Images: A Day Captured at Andersonville Prison Camp: The Photographs of Andrew J. Riddle
Robert S. Davis, Jr.

Our Heritage in Documents: Forty Years Ago: The Cuban Missile Crisis

Spotlight on NARA: A Classroom Called NARA: Tours, Workshops, Varied Activities Part of Agency's Education Mission

Genealogy Notes: An Overview of Records Relating to Military Service at the National Archives
Trevor K. Plante



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