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Prologue | Spring 2002

Spring 2002 Prologue CoverEssays

A Time to Act: The Beginning of the Fritz Kolbe Story, 1900–1943
Greg Bradsher

Spoils of War Returned: U.S. Restitution of Nazi-Looted Cultural Treasures to the USSR, 1945–1959
Patricia Kennedy Grimsted

The Idea of "Conspiracy" in McCarthy Era Politics
Richard M. Fried


Prologue in Perspective: 1930 Census Records Give Us a Picture of the Past
John W. Carlin

Prologue Portfolio: American Originals: Treasures from the National Archives National Tour
Stacey Bredhoff

Our Heritage in Documents: When FDR Said "Play Ball": President Called Baseball a Wartime Morale Booster
Gerald Bazer and Steven Culbertson

Spotlight on NARA: Updating Harry Truman's Library: Interactive Features Enliven New Exhibits after Extensive Renovation

1930 Census: Preparing for the 1930 Federal Population Census
Constance Potter

Genealogy Notes: The WPA Census Soundexing Projects
Claire Prechtel-Kluskens



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