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Prologue | Spring 2008

Vol. 40, No. 1

Jackie Robinson Jim Crow, Meet Lieutenant Robinson
Baseball legend Jackie Robinson's Army court-martial during World War II provided a preview of the civil rights movement that would shake postwar America.
NARA staff at a federal records center Ready Access
NARA's 17 Federal Records Centers around the country easy storage and prompt of records for dozens of other federal agencies.
portion of a State Dept telegram No Little Historic Value
The Russian Revolution prompted American diplomats to take quick and unusual steps to save U.S. State Department records and bring them home to Washington.

Table of Contents

Prologue in Perspective: A Word about the Archives' Budget—and the Quality of Our Staff
Allen Weinstein

Primaries, Politics, and Political Cartoons: The 1912 Election
Jessie Kratz and Martha Grove

"No Little Historic Value": The Records of the Department of State Posts in Revolutionary Russia
David A. Langbart

The President and the Justices: Symposium at FDR Library Examines Supreme Court–White House Relationship
Cynthia M. Koch

The TVA at 75: FDR's Rescue of the Tennessee Valley Produced a Still Vital—and Controversial—Agency
Mary Evelyn Tomlin

Jim Crow, Meet Lieutenant Robinson: A 1944 Court-Martial
John Vernon

Spotlight on NARA: Ready Access: NARA's Federal Records Centers Offer Agencies Storage, Easy Use for 80 Billion Pages of Documents
Tara E. C. McLoughlin

Genealogy Notes: To Protect and to Serve: The Records of the D.C. Metropolitan Police, 1861–1930
John P. Deeben

Authors on the Record: A Fresh Look at a Remarkable Year: Author Examines Jackie Robinson's Rookie Season

Foundation for the National Archives

Pieces of History: A Chinese Exclusion Act Coaching Book

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