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Prologue | Fall 2009

Vol. 41, no. 3

Face to Face with History Face to Face with History
A rare photograph of an African American Union surgeon is discovered among the pension records in the Natinal Archives.

I Wish to Acknowledge "I Wish to Acknowledge"
Over the years many archivists have helped Pulitzer Prize–winning authors, and less prolific writers research their works. Learn the stories behind the books.

The Congressional Archives The Congressional Archives
The Center for Legislative Archives maintains the records of both houses Congress, and holds a few surprises as well.

Table of Contents

Prologue in Perspective: Our Wonderful Volunteers
Adrenne C. Thomas

Your Land, Our Land
Monroe Dodd

"Dear Harry . . . Love, Bess"
Clifton Truman Daniel

Face to Face with History
Jill L. Newmark

"I Wish to Acknowledge"
Jason R. Baron, Jeffery Hartley, and Ezequiel Bedichevsky

These Walls Can Talk
Rob Crotty

Patrolling the Coastline on Wheels
William R. Wells II

Spotlight on NARA: The Congressional Archives
Rob Crotty

Genealogy Notes: Coastal Bastions and Frontier Posts
John P. Deeben

Authors on the Record: Women's Activism for Peace in World War I

Foundation for the National Archives

Pieces of History: A Voyage into History

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