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Food Will Win the War!

Winter 2017–18, Vol. 49, no. 4 | Pieces of History


The Historian’s Notebook in this issue concerns the first accessions into the National Archives—records of defunct World War I agencies. One of those agencies, the U.S. Food Administration, under the leadership of Herbert Hoover, regulated the supply, distribution, and conservation of foods. Its Education Division collected and used hundreds of posters to encourage food conservation and production as well as to support other war-related campaigns.

The colorful posters are among some of the most handsome artwork in the National Archives. See more World War I posters in the National Archives Catalog.

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Sow the Seeds of Victory, artwork by James Montgomery Flagg (4-P-59, RG 4)


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Food Is Ammunition—Don’t Waste It (4-P-49, RG 4)


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Food Will Win the War (4-P-60, RG 4)



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