Federal Records Management

Bulletin 2005-05a

NOTE: The expiration date for NARA Bulletin No. 2005-05 was extended until April 30, 2009, by NARA Bulletin No. 2008-04

Attachment to NARA Bulletin 2005-05

Example 1 (GRS 26, Item 2a, Records Created by Advisory Commissions)

Files documenting the Commission's establishment, membership, policy, organization, deliberations, findings, and recommendations, including such records as

original charter, renewal and amended charters, organization charts, functional statements, directives or memorandums to staff concerning their responsibilities, and other materials that document the organization and functions of the Commission and its components
agendas, briefing books, minutes, testimony, and transcripts of meetings and hearings as well as audiotapes and/or videotapes of meetings and hearings which were not fully transcribed
one copy each of reports, studies, pamphlets, posters (2 copies) and other publications produced by or for the commission as well as news releases, commissioners' speeches, formal photographs and other significant public affairs files
correspondence, subject and other files maintained by key commission staff, such as the chair, executive director, and legal counsel, documenting the functions of the commission
substantive records relating to research studies and other projects, including unpublished studies and reports and substantive research materials (may include electronic data).
questionnaires, surveys and other raw data accumulated in connection with research studies and other projects where the information has been consolidated or aggregated in analyses, reports, or studies covered by Item 2a (may include data maintained electronically).
Records created to comply with the provisions of the Government in the Sunshine Act, annual reports to Congress describing the agency's compliance with the act

PERMANENT. Transfer to the National Archives on termination of Commission. Earlier transfer is authorized if records are no longer needed.

Note: In a traditional schedule, there would be separate items for each of the examples described above. In a big bucket schedule, these items are replaced by a single item with the same retention period.

Example 2
Public Affairs - Agency Formal Public Communications

This item consists of records related to major exhibits developed by the agency, record copies of agency news releases, and official copies of each publication that contributes to the public understanding of the agency's missions and functions. This series includes but is not limited to exhibit correspondence, photographs, reports, and related materials developed by the agency.

RETENTION: PERMANENT. Transfer when 30 years old.

Exhibit Files N1-RG-XX-1 #19
Publications Files N1-RG-XX-1 #21
News Release Files N1-RG-XX-1 #23

Example 3
Quality Development and Planning Records

Research, development and analysis records used to improve the quality of services provided by the agency. Covers records showing the overall development of agency plans and the evaluation of their effectiveness. Reports, studies, evaluations, recommendations, and related correspondence are included.

RETENTION: Temporary. Destroy when 5 years old.

Program Planning and Evaluation Files  N1-RG-XX-1 #43
Benchmarking Case Files  N1-RG-XX-1 #1
Customer Products and Services Matrix  N1-RG-XX-1 #2
Procedures Manuals Development Records  N1-RG-XX-1 #4
Independent Quality Checks N1-RG-XX-1 #3