Federal Records Management

Frequently Asked Questions About Records Management Training

Where can I find information on NARA's training courses?

NARA provides regularly scheduled training courses at the Archives II facility in College Park, MD, and nationwide at regional facilities throughout the United States. A complete schedule of records management training classes is available on NARA's Records Management Programs web site.

Does NARA offer any advanced electronic records management training?

The three-day course entitled Managing Electronic Records (MER) is offered several times each year at the Archives II facility in College Park, MD. It covers activities involved in managing electronic records throughout their entire life cycle, and addresses major issues and problems faced in managing electronic records in Federal agencies.

The Electronic Records Issues class is offered a number of times during the year at various regional facilities. It covers activities involved in the full life cycle of electronic record keeping systems, and major issues and problems faced in managing electronic records in a Federal agency.

What additional records management training does NARA offer?

The Federal Records Management course provides an overview of all the records management core competences and major concepts. For a complete list of records management classes offered by NARA, review the schedule of training classes.

NARA Regional Records Services Facilities hold records management events throughout the year. Check at the location nearest to you for more information.

NARA's Life Cycle Management Division sponsors an annual Records Administration Conference (RACO). This one-day conference, usually held in May, is open to all Federal records and information managers, as well as those Federal contractors and others with an interest in records and information management and electronic records issues.

Previous RACO conferences have included discussions of
  • Electronic recordkeeping systems and records management applications

  • Chief Information Officer perspectives on electronic records management issues

  • Scheduling and disposition of e-mail and word processing records

Federal agency Best Practices in Records Management Awards are announced at RACO.

Where can I find out about other records management training opportunities?

Professional associations, other government agencies, and educational institutions in your area may offer additional records management training. Some suggested sites for obtaining information on such training include:

Updated 12/17/04