Federal Records Management

General Records Schedule Transmittal 8 - 21

Abstract of GRS Transmittals No. 8-21

GRS Transmittal 8

December 21, 1998

A new item was added to GRSs 1-16, 18, and 23 to provide disposal authority for electronic mail and word processing records used solely to produce records described in those GRSs after a recordkeeping copy has been produced, and electronic copies used for dissemination, revision, or updating that are maintained in addition to the recordkeeping copy. This was in keeping with a NARA policy statement that all newly submitted agency schedules must contain such items. (NARA Bulletin 2006-04 rescinded that policy, and Transmittal 22 removed these items from all individual GRS schedules, and removed the paragraph from the Introduction describing them.)

This transmittal also withdrew GRS 22, Inspector General Records, in response to NARA Bulletin 99-02. These records were judged unique to each agency and therefore appropriate for individual agency scheduling.

GRS Transmittal 9

April 24, 2003

GRS 25, Ethics Program Records, was added. Significant alterations were made to GRS 1, item 33.

GRS Transmittal 10

April 28, 2003

GRS 24, Information Technology Records, was added.

GRS Transmittal 11

December 31, 2003

GRS 1, item 27, added coverage for Alternative Dispute Resolution records.

GRS Transmittal 12

July 14, 2004

GRS 1, item 24, added coverage for Reasonable Accommodation Request records.

GRS Transmittal 13

October 13, 2004

GRS 26, Temporary Commissions, Boards, Councils and Committees Records, was added. The Introduction to the GRS was revised. GRS 16 item 8 (Committee and Conference files) was deleted.

GRS Transmittal 14

April 22, 2005

GRS 27, Chief Information Officer Records, was added.

GRS Transmittal 15

September 14, 2005

GRS 23, Item 7, Transitory Records, was revised to explicitly include very short-term temporary e-mail messages.

GRS Transmittal 16

March 27, 2006

A new item covering the Office of Management and Budget (OMB), Circular A-76, Performance of Commercial Activities Records (FAIR Act Records) was added as GRS 3, item 18.

GRS Transmittal 17

July 24, 2007

Five new items covering Aircraft Maintenance and Operations Records were added as GRS 10, items 9-13.

GRS Transmittal 18

December 14, 2007

GRS 20, Items 2, 3, and 11 were revised and new items 3.1 and 16 were added to expand agency authority to apply previously approved schedules to electronic records, broaden agency authority to dispose of hard copy records converted to an electronic format; and provide disposition instructions for ad hoc printouts and for documentation associated with permanent electronic records.

GRS Transmittal 19

January 7, 2008

GRS 26, item 2 was revised slightly.

GRS Transmittal 20

February 27, 2008

GRS 20 was edited to correct clerical errors in the then-current version.

GRS Transmittal 21

June 13, 2008

An updated Subject Index (the first since 1998) was prepared.