Federal Records Management

ERM Initiative Guidance Products

ATTENTION! These products are no longer current. For the most recent NARA guidance, please visit our Records Management Policy page.


Following are the guidance products that have been developed as part of the ERM Initiative:

Enterprise-Wide ERM

  • Recommended Practice: Analysis of Lessons Learned for Enterprise-wide ERM Projects
    Issued 06/27/06
  • Recommended Practice: Developing and Implementing an Enterprise-wide Electronic Records Management (ERM) Proof of Concept Pilot
    Issued 03/31/06
  • Guidance for Building an Effective Enterprise-wide Electronic Records Management (ERM) Governance Structure
    Issued 12/22/05
  • Recommended Practice: Evaluating Commercial Off-the-Shelf (COTS) Electronic Records Management (ERM) Applications
    Issued 11/30/05
  • Guidance on Methodology for Determining Agency-unique Requirements
    Issued 8/23/04
  • Guidance for Coordinating the Evaluation of Capital Planning and Investment Control (CPIC) Proposals for ERM Applications
    Issued 6/23/03

Electronic Information Management Standards

  • NARA Bulletin 2003-03, Endorsement of DoD Electronic Records Management Application (RMA) Design Criteria Standard, version 2
    Issued 1/15/03

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