Federal Records Management

ERM Initiative Guidance Products

Following are the guidance products that have been developed as part of the ERM Initiative:

Enterprise-Wide ERM

  • Recommended Practice: Analysis of Lessons Learned for Enterprise-wide ERM Projects
    Issued 06/27/06

  • Recommended Practice: Developing and Implementing an Enterprise-wide Electronic Records Management (ERM) Proof of Concept Pilot
    Issued 03/31/06

  • Guidance for Building an Effective Enterprise-wide Electronic Records Management (ERM) Governance Structure
    Issued 12/22/05

  • Recommended Practice: Evaluating Commercial Off-the-Shelf (COTS) Electronic Records Management (ERM) Applications
    Issued 11/30/05

  • Guidance on Methodology for Determining Agency-unique Requirements
    Issued 8/23/04

  • Guidance for Coordinating the Evaluation of Capital Planning and Investment Control (CPIC) Proposals for ERM Applications
    Issued 6/23/03

Electronic Information Management Standards

  • NARA Bulletin 2003-03, Endorsement of DoD Electronic Records Management Application (RMA) Design Criteria Standard, version 2
    Issued 1/15/03

Transfer permanent electronic records to NARA

For questions about the ERM guidance products, please contact records.mgt@nara.gov.