Federal Records Management

AC 05. 2023

November 18, 2022 
Memorandum to Federal Records Management Contacts: New Tools Added to NARA GitHub Repository
We are happy to announce NARA’s Electronic Records Division’s Accessioning Branch has added two additional tools, Junk File Finder and File Compare, to the NARA GitHub repository of Electronic Records Accessioning Support Tools.
Junk File Finder identifies and removes zero byte files, backup files, hidden files, and empty folders from a set of records. This tool will support agencies in preparing permanent electronic records for transfer to NARA by removing non-record material.
File Compare notes the differences between lists of filenames from a directory to lists obtained from an external source of metadata such as a database or spreadsheet. This tool will support agencies by expediting the process of ensuring external metadata matches files being prepared for transfer.
For further information, please contact Etransfers@nara.gov to connect with your agency’s NARA electronic records accessioning archivist.
Chief Records Officer 
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