Federal Records Management

AC 25.2019


AC 25.2019

Date: August 23, 2019


MEMORANDUM TO FEDERAL AGENCY CONTACTS: Records Management Guidance for Agencies Implementing Executive Order 13875, Evaluating and Improving the Utility of Federal Advisory Committees.

This is a reminder that records management guidance is available for agencies implementing Executive Order 13875, titled "Evaluating and Improving the Utility of Federal Advisory Committees.”

NARA’s General Records Schedule (GRS) 6.2, Federal Advisory Committee Records, provides legal authority for the disposition of Federal records created or received by Federal advisory committees and their subgroups pursuant to the Federal Advisory Committee Act (FACA) of 1972 (5 U.S.C., Appendix, as amended).

Agencies must follow the GRS when managing Federal Advisory Committee records, including taking appropriate steps for handling the records of terminated committees. A Frequently Asked Questions document and a Checklist for Preparing Records for Transfer to NARA are available on our website.

In addition, as a resource for agencies, NARA has recently issued a report, Records Management Assessment: Federal Advisory Committee Records Management (July 2019), that includes recommendations and best practices for the proper management of Federal Advisory Committee records. 

If you have questions about:

  • Whether a committee is a Federal Advisory Committee: contact your agency’s Committee Management Officer
  • Whether committee records are designated as Presidential records: contact your agency’s General Counsel

If you have any other questions, please contact GRS_Team@nara.gov.



Chief Records Officer
for the U.S. Government