Federal Records Management

AC 28. 2023

Date: April 11, 2023 

Memorandum to Federal Agency Records Management Contacts: Agency Testing Period for ERA 2.0

We are initiating an agency testing period for ERA 2.0 on April 17, 2023. This period is necessary to establish that account verification and authentication testing are working properly for agency users within the system. 

Information on how to access the system, including how to obtain a required MAX.gov account, can be found in the ERA 2.0 Job Aid - Access System and Login

Once you have logged into the system you can verify your account by selecting your name in the upper right corner of the screen and then you should see your assigned roles. 

This testing period is strictly for account verification and authentication testing. Please DO NOT attempt to take actions on forms until notified that the data migration has been completed. 

If you encounter difficulties in completing these actions, please contact the ERA Help Desk directly to report your specific issues. You may do this via email at ERAHelp@nara.gov or by phone at 1-877-372-9594.

We appreciate your participation in this testing effort as we move forward with the implementation of ERA 2.0. Please look for future communications about ERA 2.0 and visit the Electronic Records Archives webpage for more information.

Chief Records Officer 
for the U.S. Government