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4th Quarter 2004

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Dwight D. Eisenhower Library

Additional papers of Stephen Benedict, 1960–61 and 2004, member of White House staff and Citizens for Eisenhower.

Papers of Karl G. Harr, Jr., 1943–90; Special Assistant to the Under Secretary of State, 1954–56; Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for International Security Affairs, 1956–58; and Special Assistant to the President and Vice Chairman of the Operations Coordinating Board, 1958–61.

Papers of John M. Lee, 1934–74, admiral, U.S. Navy.

Papers of Waldemar A. Neilsen, 1954–90, executive director of the President's Committee on Information Activities Abroad (Sprague Committee), 1960–61.

Papers of Abbott Washburn, 1938–2003; Crusade for Freedom, 1950–52; Jackson Committee and Special Assistant to the President, 1953; and Deputy Director of USIA, 1954–61.

John F. Kennedy Library

Four accretions to the personal papers of Senator Edward M. Kennedy consisting of Senate staff files maintained by Trina Vargo and Mimi Brody on foreign policy, including Vargo's chronological files, correspondence, memorandums, and subject files. Also includes files about the environment. 39 cubic feet. Closed pending deed.

Accretion to the personal papers of Walter Sheridan: correspondence, clippings, background files, and published hearings on the McClellan Committee, organized crime, Jimmy Hoffa, and Walter Sheridan's career, his family and their friendship with the Robert Kennedy family. 9 cubic feet. Closed pending deed.

An addition to the Ernest Hemingway Collection of color copies of watercolors by Jules Bascin of Ernest Hemingway at the Café Dome, 1925. 2 items. Less than 0.25 cubic foot.

Accretion to the Returned Peace Corps Volunteer Collection of the personal papers of Diana Stahl, Philippines, 1973–77. Includes correspondence, passport, certificates of vaccination, statements of earning and deductions. 0.25 cubic feet. Open.

Accretions to the Returned Peace Corps Volunteer Collection of oral history interviews with:
Jennifer McCurry, Honduras
Robert Collins, Ecuador
Nancy Murdock, St. Kitts-Nevis
Portia Gage, Nigeria
Margaret Vaughn, Chad
Gerrit Cuperus, Philippines
Rochelle Goedken, Lesotho
Ron Chance, Nepal
Peter Hansen, Nigeria
Katy Hansen, Nigeria
Terry Wagner, Lesotho
Peter Lee, Thailand
Noel Chapin, Peru
Billie Jean Chambers, Ecuador
Phyllis Noble, Nigeria
John Watson, Kenya

Six additions to the John F. Kennedy Tributes Collection and seven additions to the Miscellaneous Manuscripts Collection were accessioned, processed, and opened.

Thirty-three photograph items, 105 audio recordings, and two videotapes were accessioned. The accessions include a group of interviews by Robert Coughlan with Rose Kennedy and members of the Kennedy family that were done for the preparation of Rose Kennedy's book Times To Remember.

Deeds of gift were completed for three textual collections: Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy, McGeorge Bundy, and Robert Roosa; and for oral history interviews with 19 people: William Ruder, Dan Fenn, and Larry Hackman, and the 16 Peace Corps volunteers noted above.

Lyndon Baines Johnson Library

The library accessioned the following oral history transcripts:

Joseph W. Alsop, journalist, author, and political columnist, 25 pages.

(Eliza) Ruth Booker, teacher, cousin of LBJ on his father's side who lived with LBJ in her childhood, 29 pages.

William Garton Bowdler, U.S. Ambassador to El Salvador, Guatemala, and South Africa and Assistant Secretary of State for Inter-American Affairs, 21 pages.

William D. Carey, Executive Assistant Director and Assistant Director of the Bureau of the Budget, 1961–69, 37 pages.

William McWhorter Cochrane, lawyer, Institute of Government, Executive Secretary and Legal Counsel for Senator W. Kerr Scott, 1954–57; Administrative Assistant to Senator B. Everett Jordan, 1958–72, 26 pages.

John Henry Faulk, radio humorist and storyteller, 47 pages.

John G. Feild, John F. Kennedy's Presidential campaign staff, Executive Director of the President's Commission on Equal Opportunity, 1961–63, 99 pages.

Daniel Boone Porter, Jr., Senior Adviser III Corps, MACV, and Deputy Chief of Staff of the 3rd Army Corps, 36 pages.

All of these oral history transcripts are available for research.

Gerald R. Ford Library

Papers of Richard Feltner, his speeches and remarks while Assistant Secretary of Agriculture. 0.4 cubic feet

Joyce Maupin–Sara Jane Moore Letters (1977–83), mostly letters by Moore to Maupin, a San Francisco–area social activist. ca. 300 pages.

Accretion to the papers of Robert Teeter, which contains material related to Presidential and other political campaigns from 1972 to 2000. Also included are public opinion surveys conducted for NBC News and the Wall Street Journal (1989–2004). 41 cubic feet.

A copy of Russell Train's personal journals, which he kept while serving as President Ford's Environmental Protection Agency Administrator. 0.1 cubic feet.

Accretions to the Gerald R. Ford Scrapbooks, Gerald R. Ford Post-Presidential Office Files, Gerald R. Ford Personal Papers, Betty Ford Papers, Robert A. Goldwin Papers, Russell H. Armentrout Files, and the Composite General Accessions.

Jimmy Carter Library

Accession of post-Presidential material from both of Jimmy Carter's offices.

Accession of a new collection of papers from Tim Kraft.

George Bush Library

Accretion to the Barbara Pierce Bush Collection. These materials are unprocessed and currently unavailable for research.

Accession of Russell E. Train papers, .05 linear feet.


Dwight D. Eisenhower Library

Papers of Robert B. Anderson, 1933–89.

Records of Philip Arnow, 1953–61.

Papers of Tom B. Coughran, 1917–93.

1966 Principal File Series of the Dwight D. Eisenhower Post-Presidential Papers, 1961–69.

Papers of Karl G. Harr, Jr., 1943–96.

John F. Kennedy Library

Personal papers of Walter Pigman, legislative assistant to Senator Robert F. Kennedy. 0.5 cubic feet.

Accretion to the Returned Peace Corps Volunteer Collection of the personal papers of Diana Stahl, Philippines, 1973–77. Includes correspondence, passport, certificates of vaccination, statements of earning and deductions. 0.25 cubic feet.

Personal papers of Abraham Ribicoff, Secretary of Health, Education and Welfare (1961–62); 0.5 cubic feet.

Oral history interviews with the following people were opened:
Sid Davis, White House correspondent for Westinghouse Broadcasting (1959–68), 76 pages.
Kermit Gordon, Council of Economic Advisers (1961–62); Director, Bureau of the Budget (1962–65), 26 pages.
Kermit Gordon and Walter W. Heller, Council of Economic Advisors, 78 pages.
Lord Harlech (William David Ormsby-Gore), Minister of State for Foreign Affairs, United Kingdom (1957–61); Ambassador to the United States from the United Kingdom (1961–65), 17 pages.
Theodore J. Musho, Architect, Pei Cobb, Freed and Partners (1961–80), Partner (1980–), 60 pages.
C(harles) Allan Stewart, U.S. Ambassador to Venezuela (1962–64), 43 pages.
Henry Hall Wilson, administrative assistant to the President (1961–67), 67 pages.
Thomas W. Wilson, Jr., Deputy Secretary of State, International Affairs Organization (1961–64), 26 pages.

Lyndon Baines Johnson Library

National Security File (NSF), approximately three archival containers of the files of Robert Komer. Komer was an NSC staff member, Special Assistant to the President, and Deputy for Pacification in Vietnam. These boxes contain material from November 1963 through March 1966 on Libya, the United Arab Republic, and the United Nations.

NSF, approximately 14 archival containers of Head of State Correspondence, Special Head of State Correspondence, and International Meetings and Travel File. The two Head of State correspondence files contain formal and informal correspondence with heads of state and heads of government arranged by country. The International Meetings and Travel File contains briefing material, memorandums, and cables on President Johnson's foreign travel, the travel of other administration officials, and international meetings.

NSF, four archival containers of the files of Charles Johnson. Charles Johnson was a senior member of the NSC staff from October 1962 through the close of the Johnson administration. He handled scientific matters, weaponry, arms control, atomic energy, and space matters; he served as the NSC liaison with the AEC and NASA.

One archival container of the papers of Alain Enthoven. As Deputy Comptroller and Assistant Secretary of Defense for Systems Analysis, Enthoven played an important role in defense policy formulation during the 1960s. This box contains Draft Presidential Memoranda (DPMs). DPMs are a primary product of Systems Analysis.

Gerald R. Ford Library

Papers of Peter Sorum, who did advance work for the first family.

Papers of Robert P. Visser, chief legal counsel for the President Ford Committee.