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Accessions and Openings for the 1st quarter FY 2010

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Presidential Libraries


Franklin D. Roosevelt Library

Notable archival acquisitions this quarter included Franklin D. Roosevelt's original New York State Bar admissions file; an accretion to the Papers of Henry Morgenthau, Jr., and Elinor Morgenthau; an accretion to the Alexander Sachs Papers; and two original letters from Eleanor Roosevelt and her White House secretary to Mrs. Thomas Gibson.

Audiovisual acquisitions this quarter included a collection of 75 Office of War Information photographs from World War II; a snapshot of President Roosevelt during his visit to Hawaii, July 1934; and photographs related to the Morgenthau family.

Harry S. Truman Library

Papers of Jane Lingo (ca. 1944–70), a friend of Margaret Truman Daniel, consisting of letters from Bess and Margaret Truman; other correspondence; diaries and appointment books; newspaper clippings, programs, and other printed materials; photographs; invitations; and other items, mostly concerning Lingo's friendship with Margaret and the Truman family. This collection is closed pending processing. 3 feet.

Papers of Grace Truman Summer (1944–53), a cousin of Harry S. Truman, consisting of about 70 letters, almost all of them from Harry S. Truman, along with newspaper clippings and envelopes. This collection is closed pending processing. Less than one foot.

Papers of J. C. Truman (ca. 1935–80), a nephew of Harry S. Truman, consisting of correspondence, photographs, printed materials, and memorabilia mostly concerning Harry S. Truman and his relations with relatives. This collection is closed pending processing. Less than one foot.

The library acquired several small accretions to the Miscellaneous Historical Documents Collection, all of which have been opened for research.

John F. Kennedy Library

Papers of Deborah Harding. Letters, notes, and photographs relating to the Peace Corps Institute, the Peace Corps, and Sargent Shriver. 0.504 cubic feet. Closed.

Papers of Lincoln Gordon. Files relating to his professional work, including positions at Harvard Business School and his service in the Kennedy and Johnson administrations. 38.341 cubic feet. Closed.

One accretion to the Papers of Eunice Shriver. Condolence books signed by visitors to the John F. Kennedy Library. 0.253 cubic feet. Closed.

Seven accretions to the Returned Peace Corps Volunteer Collection, oral history interviews with:

  • Richard Port (Ghana, 1961–63)
  • Antonette Port (Ghana, 1961–63)
  • Judy Stone (Malaysia, 1963–65)
  • Wayne Guise (Philippines, 1961–64)
  • Kathy Davis (Nicaragua, 1975–78)
  • Rebecca Hartz (Nigeria, 2004–2007 and Uganda, 2007–2008)
  • Suchet L. Loois (Jamaica, 2001–2006).

Five additions to the Miscellaneous Accessions Collection, including papers from James Crosby (which include found drawings of John, Robert, Edward, Joan, Ethel, and Jacqueline Kennedy); papers from Cheryl Ann Gratt, including a letter of Bernice Cavender Rogers to her sister regarding JFK and Catholicism; papers from Anne M. Walsh, including a letter from Edward Moore to J. P. Landry, October 13, 1913; papers from Diane Montgomery, including three newsclipping scrapbooks relating to John F. Kennedy and Jacqueline Kennedy; papers from Jessie Becker, including a letter from Robert Kennedy to Reverend and Mrs. Becker re: New York State Medicaid program, December 14, 1966. 1.058 cubic feet. Open.

Three additions to the Tributes Collection, including papers from Priscilla Maccullen, including a manuscript written by her father, "A Sermon on the Death of President Kennedy"; papers from Alice Ogalin, including a transcript of broadcast "open letter" from ABS News correspondence Edward P. Morgan to John F. Kennedy, Jr.; papers from Francis X. Markley, including two poems written in memory of JFK and JBK, "Two Made One" and "I Must Go" (also in honor of EMK). 0.075 cubic foot. Open.

One oral history was accessioned during this quarter: Harris, Louis, JFK #1; 4/12-13/2005.

Lyndon Baines Johnson Library

The following oral history transcripts were accessioned and are available for research:

  • A.W. "Monk" Willis, political supporter of LBJ from East Texas. 12 pages.
  • Frank G. Wisner, Foreign Service officer 1961–67, Agency for International Development 1964–65, senior adviser to the Vietnamese province of Tuyen Duc 1968, Officer in Charge of Tunisian Affairs in the State Department 1968–71. 13 pages.

Accretion to the Personal Papers of Harold "Barefoot" Sanders, Special Assistant to the President for Legislative Liaison 1967–69. 0.92 cubic feet.

Gerald R. Ford Library

Accretions to the Frank Zarb Papers and Composite General Accessions collection.

Telegrams of Charles T. Miller, captain of the SS Mayaguez. The telegrams consist of communications to and from Captain Miller in the days and weeks immediately after U.S. recovery of the SS Mayaguez and its crew from the Khmer Rouge. Also included in the donation was a ship's wheel with a plaque (held at the Ford Museum), and an inscribed photograph of Captain Miller with President Ford. 0.5 cubic feet.

Political ephemera collection spanning the 20th century from Michael Kelly, editor of The Keynoter: Journal of American Political Items Conservators. Approximately 11 cubic feet.

Jimmy Carter Library

Accretion to collection from President Carter's Office, Rupert Cutler, and Carlton Neville.

Materials from Christopher L. Davis and Jim Free, 1980 Carter Campaign Records.

William J. Clinton Library

Carl Toepel Collection, consisting of Clinton-related newspapers and magazines from 1992 and 1993. 0.194 cubic feet.


Franklin D. Roosevelt Library

Roosevelt Family Papers Donated by the Children were reviewed and opened this quarter. These pages consisted of correspondence from Sara Delano Roosevelt to Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt that was previously restricted for privacy reasons. 8 pages.

A small accretion to the Papers of Henry Morgenthau, Jr. and Elinor Morgenthau received from their son Robert M. Morgenthau. The accretion includes correspondence, photographs, inaugural materials, and, most important, Elinor Morgenthau's engagement books for 1923, 1932–44, and 1946–48. 0.638 cubic feet.

Also opened to research was Franklin D. Roosevelt's original New York State Bar application and admissions file. This file has been kept sealed and in the custody of the NY State Supreme Court's Committee on Character and Fitness since 1907. Based on an agreement the library reached with the committee's history-minded executive secretary, the court's Appellate Division, First Department, issued an order in mid-December releasing the file to the library as a permanent transfer in exchange for providing the court with a microfilm copy. The file consists of the original file folder with FDR's name and date of admittance, May 13, 1907; bar applicant questionnaire signed by FDR (undated); letter of recommendation from Langdon P. Marvin, May 6, 1907; certification no. 10139 of the Board of Law Examiners, April 9, 1907; a photocopy of FDR's original entry in the Oath Book maintained by the court; and a photocopy of original index card bearing FDR's name and date of admittance maintained by the Committee on Character and Fitness.

Harry S. Truman Library

Eight letters from the Papers of Bess Wallace Truman (1923–25), First Lady of the United States. The collection in its entirety will be opened at a future date, pending completion of processing. Less than 5 linear inches.

An accretion to the Papers of Philip Brooks, Director of the Harry S. Truman Library (1957–71), consisting of diaries kept by Brooks during his tenure as director of the library. 5 linear inches.

Recently declassified documents from the President's Secretary's Files, the Confidential Files, the National Security Council Files, the Psychological Strategy Board Files, the Dean Acheson Papers, and the John Ohly Papers. Approximately 500 pages.

Dwight D. Eisenhower Library

Papers of Lillian "Rusty" Brown Black.

Two series from the Post-Presidential Papers of Dwight D. Eisenhower—Records of Western Novels Read and Cookbook series.

John F. Kennedy Library

Additional material from the Personal Papers of Katherine Halle, journalist, author, socialite, Kennedy and Churchill family friend. Correspondence, telegrams, manuscripts, photographs, campaign materials, news clippings, printed materials. Open in part.

The Personal Papers of Lola Smith, wife of Peace Corps country program director John Guy Smith, member of first Micronesia Peace Corps Programming Team (1966). Correspondence, reports, retrospectives, diaries, and a manuscript related to Peace Corps life in the 1960s. 1.008 cubic feet.

Five additions to the Miscellaneous Accessions Collection, including papers from James Crosby; papers from Cheryl Ann Gratt; papers from Anne M. Walsh; papers from Diane Montgomery; papers from Jessie Becker. 1.058 cubic feet.

Three additions to the Tributes Collection, including papers from Priscilla Maccullen; from Alice Ogalin; papers from Francis X. Markley. 0.075 cubic foot.

The library declassified and made available for research recordings of four meetings between President Kennedy and his highest level Vietnam advisers in late August of 1963. This release consisted of Presidential Recordings tape numbers 104, 106, 107, 108 and totaled 13 hours, 11 minutes, of which 37 minutes remain classified. The tapes reveal President Kennedy's reservations about U.S. support for a military coup in South Vietnam. These meetings were the first ones to take place after Cable 243, which has been described by historians as the "single most controversial cable of the Vietnam War". The telegram was drafted on Saturday August 24, 1963, when President Kennedy, Secretary of State Dean Rusk, Secretary of Defense Robert S. McNamara, and CIA Director John McCone were all out of town. The telegram set a course for the eventual coup in Vietnam on November 1, 1963 leading to the fall of President Diem and his death on November 2, 1963.

Lyndon B. Johnson Library

The oral history transcripts of A. W. "Monk" Willis, Sid Davis, and Frank Wisner. 166 pages.

Papers of Alain Enthoven. 1 box.

Papers of Morton Halperin. 3 boxes.

Papers of Thomas C. Mann. 1 box.

Papers of Bromley K. Smith. 1 box.

Office Files of Fred Panzer, 67 boxes.

Office Files of Robert Hardesty. 1 box.

White House Central Files Subject File, PR. 22 boxes.

Records of the National Advisory Commission on Civil Disorders. 40 boxes.

National Security File, Vietnam Country File, 1 box; Files of Harold H. Saunders, 11 boxes; Files of Howard Wriggins, 1 box.

Gerald R. Ford Library

The library has completed processing of the collection National Security Adviser, Presidential Subject File. The collection contains briefing papers, memoranda, correspondence, reports, and speeches concerning policy decisions, meetings, and other matters in which President Ford actively participated. The materials cover a wide array of foreign policy and national security issues, including SALT and other arms control topics, foreign aid, White House-congressional relations, military exercises, energy, investigations of the intelligence community, and U.S.-Soviet trade. Approximately 9 feet.

Jimmy Carter Library

White House Press—Annette Samuels Files.

Chief of Staff— Bill Simpson Files.

Bernie Aronson Files.

Domestic Policy Staff—Simon Lazarus Files.

Cabinet Secretary—Theodore Hodkowski Files.

Staff Secretary Handwriting Files.

George Bush Library

Records processed in response to the following Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request have been opened for research:

  • 2003-0261-F (Middle East Peace Process, 27,613 pages)
  • 2003-0262-F (Middle East Peace Process: Interest Groups, 11,434 pages)
  • 2003-0345-F[1] (Australia, 19,985 pages)
  • 2003-0737-F[2] (Christian Groups, 519 pages)
  • 2003-0906-F (NAFTA, 2,182 pages)
  • 2003-1894-F (Savings and Loan Crisis, 1,318 pages)
  • 2004-0623-F (Selected Name Files, 532 pages)
  • 2004-0722-F (U.S.-Panama Relations/Operation Just Cause, 11,265 pages)
  • 2004-0723-F (U.S.-Panama Relations, 837 pages)
  • 2004-0745-F (Swedish Prime Minister Carlsson's U.S. Visit, September 1987, 23 pages)
  • 2004-0972-F (Baseball, 3,679 pages)
  • 2004-1211-F[2] (Robert T. Stafford, 52 pages)
  • 2004-1517-F (President Mobutu's Visit to U.S., June 1989, 437 pages)
  • 2004-1596-F (U.S. Ambassadors to Indonesia,88 pages)
  • 2004-1676-F (Selected Files on Indonesia, 169 pages)
  • 2004-1890-F (Compensation for Dr. Burton Lee, 88 pages)
  • 2004-1923-F[1] (Maureen Santini, 1 page)
  • 2004-2048-F[1] (Armenian Genocide, 224 pages)
  • 2004-2331-F (Vice President Bush's 1983 Trip to Northern Europe, 3,862 pages)
  • 2005-0398-F (1986 Hijacking of Pan Am 73 and the Abu Nidal Organization, 62 pages)
  • 2005-1464-F (Timothy E. Flanigan, 166 pages)
  • 2005-1527-F[1] (Mother Teresa, 164 pages)
  • 2005-1618-F (Edith Clement, 2 pages)
  • 2005-1620-F (J. Michael Luttig, 156 pages)
  • 2006-0033-F[1] (Alberto R. Gonzales, 179 pages)
  • 2006-0158-F[1] (Leo [aka Lee] Wanta, 27 pages)
  • 2009-0483-F (James A. Baker's Mongolia Trip 1990, 6 pages)

Records processed systematically from the following have been opened for research:

  • 2009-0275-S (Files of Brent Scowcroft, 6,236 pages)

William J. Clinton Library

Records processed in response to the following Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request have been opened for research:

  • 2008-1516-F (Videotaped remarks by the President on the Occasion of ID AL-FITR on 01/23/1998)
  • 2009-0862-F (Video footage of the Government Performance and Results Act of 1993 (MT.1009, 08/03/1993))
  • 2009-0835-F (WHTV Video footage (MT.1222) of the Science and Technology Medal ceremony on 09/30/1993)
  • 2009-0670-F (Videotaped remarks by President Clinton for the Direct Selling Association)
  • 2006-1446-F (Presidential Remarks: Reception to Showcase White House Renovations, the Residence, September 29, 1993)
  • 2006-1010-F (Files related to PFIAB member Robert Hermann)
  • 2006-0509-F (Files related to remarks at the Eighth Millennium Evening, "Informatics Meets Genomics," October 12, 1999)
  • 2006-0504-F (Files related to remarks by Hillary Rodham Clinton at the Fifth Millennium Evening, January 25, 1999)
  • 2006-0502-F (Files related to remarks at Boys and Girls Nation Ceremony, 18 July 1996)
  • 2006-0533-F (Records related to UFOs in the files of National Security Advisor Anthony Lake)
  • 2006-0489-F (Communications between Steven Spielberg or Kate Capshaw and President Clinton)
  • 2006-1268-F (Official and semiofficial meetings between President Clinton and HRH The Princess Margaret)
  • 2008-1209-F (Video Recording of President Clinton having a photo-op with the U.S. Wrestling Team on March 12, 1998)
  • 2007-1778-F (Video Recording of interview with Mark Knoller and Peter Maer of CBS Radio in Orlando, FL on 12/11/1999 (MT.10943))
  • 2007-0688-F (Video recording of the Remarks of the President in regards to the upcoming U.S.-Iran World Cup soccer match. The remarks were recorded on 6/18/1998)
  • 2007-0389-F (Photographs of NSC/Foreign Policy meetings in August of 1998)
  • 2006-0521-F (Records related to UFOs, flying saucers, and Roswell, New Mexico from the files of Secretary of Defense William Cohen)