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Contemporary African Art


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An Akan Mother and Child. Select List No. 23

The contemporary art of Africa eludes generalized description. Artists have utilized various mediums, from oils to silk screening, and methods varying from brass casting by the ancient lost wax process to welding tin cans and other metals into sculpture. Traditionalists like Lamidi Fakeye produce sculpture and wood carvings based on classical African designs. A larger group works in the more modern styles of cubism, expressionism, and surrealism, while others seek a purely personal style. Many African artists were trained at European and American schools; others feel that they can achieve truly African expression only in their native surroundings. In Nigeria, for example, the national artistic tradition is strong and pervasive, even though obscured by the effects of European colonialism and Christian and Moslem religious zeal. In many other countries, traditional art very nearly succumbed under these forces. Thus a contemporary artwork is classified as African purely on the basis of the artist's nationality, rather than according to a peculiar style, subject, purpose, or medium.

The Harmon Foundation, a nonprofit, private foundation active from 1922 to 1967, helped foster an awareness of African art. Although its initial projects were funding parks and playgrounds and providing student loans, the foundation's flexible structure lent itself to support for a wide range of activities, including art. The foundation's interest in contemporary African art grew rather spontaneously. Its initial contact with Africa came through three series of motion pictures commissioned by the foundation in the 1930's on native life and tribal customs and the work of Christian missions in Africa. Although art was not selected as a focal point, the films depicted a culture built around folkcrafts; houses, furnishings, cooking utensils, and clothing were all handcrafted from local materials. Art, in a broad sense, had always been an integral part of African life. By the mid-1940s a few artists, aware of the films and the foundation's work with black American artists and anxious to create a market for their artworks in the United States, began sending their work to the New York offices. General interest was slow to develop. Connoisseurs of art seemed to see the African work not as serious, creative effort, but as sociological commentary on modern Africa. This view became particularly apparent in 1950, when the foundation had difficulty finding an established gallery for an exhibit by Ben Enwonwu, a leading Nigerian artist whose work had been successfully shown in England.

As a result of these early experiences, a strong relationship developed between the African artists, the foundation, and the American art community. More and more artists became aware of the foundation as a contact point and more frequently shipped artworks to the United States for exhibit and sale. The foundation became conscious of the substantial lack of appreciation for contemporary African art and of its own potential role in promoting intercultural understanding. By 1967 it was well established as a liaison between the artists and interested groups. With the cooperation of the Merton Simpson Gallery in New York and a few university galleries, it arranged several one-man shows and numerous general exhibits. After 6 years of research, it published "Africa's Contemporary Art and Artists", a descriptive compilation of artists in sub-Saharan Africa. In addition, the staff collected black and white prints and color slides of nearly 2,500 artworks. The Harmon Foundation's role had mushroomed from a latent, remote interest to leadership in the field of contemporary African art.

When the foundation ended its activities in 1967, it donated to the National Archives its entire collection of motion pictures, filmstrips, color slides, and black and white prints and negatives on a variety of subjects. The following selection, arranged alphabetically by name of artist, from the "Artworks by African Artists" series, is a representative sample of the work of some of the artists in the collection. An inclusive list of artists in this series is available upon request.

Many photographs from the Harmon Foundation are not listed in this leaflet. Separate inquiries about other photographs should be as specific as possible listing names, dates, places, events, and other details.

List of Works

* Asterisks following artwork titles indicate those which are available in color as well as black and white.

Abossolo, Martin (Cameroon)

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Egrets. Select List No. 4

  1. Dancer No. 1,* oil (1965), National Archives Identifier: 558792
  2. Pensive,* oil. National Archives Identifier: 558791
  3. Tom-Tom Player No.1,* oil (1965). National Archives Identifier: 558793

Abubakar, Fatma Abdullah (Tanzania)

  1. Egrets, oil. National Archives Identifier: 558795
  2. Feeding Monkeys,* oil. National Archives Identifier: 558794

Addo-Osafo, Emmanuel (Ghana)

  1. The Coming of the Ashanti Golden Stool, linocut? National Archives Identifier: 558798
  2. The Great Whip, print. National Archives Identifier:  558797
  3. The Orange Seller, linocut or woodcut.  National Archives Identifier:  558796

Afolabi, Jacob (Nigeria)

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    Suzannah and the Elders, oil. , Select List No. 14.

    The Flash-Eyed Mother, linocut. National Archives Identifier:  558800
  2. Igbo and His People, linocut. National Archives Identifier:  558801
  3. Latanga with His Guard, linocut. National Archives Identifier:  558799

Ahmed, Taj S.M. (Sudan)

  1. Interior with Sarcophagus,* lithograph (1962). National Archives Identifier: 558804
  2. Ottoman Khedive,* oil. National Archives Identifier:  558803
  3. Suzannah and the Elders,* oil. National Archives Identifier: 558802

Akeredolu, Justus, D. (Nigeria)

  1. Boy balancing on one hand,* thorn carving (sculpture carved from the thorn of the wild cotton tree). National Archives Identifier: 558807
  2. Bust of Nigerian girl,* thorn carving. National Archives Identifier: 558808
  3. Farmer cutting bush,* thorn carving. National Archives Identifier:  558805
  4. Hands holding six carvings, showing relative size,* thorn carving. National Archives Identifier:  558809
  5. Woman grinding pepper with baby on back,* thorn carving. National Archives Identifier:  558806

Akolo, Jimo B. (Nigeria)

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Pilate Washing Hands and Feet, Select List No. 22.

  1. Dancing Figure,* color print with etching. National Archives Identifier:  558812
  2. Mural, Northern House of Assembly, Kano (?), Nigeria (1964). National Archives Identifier:  558810
  3. Pilate Washing Hands and Feet,* color print (1964). National Archives Identifier:  558811

Antubam, Kofi (Ghana)

  1. An Akan Mother and Child,* watercolor (1947). National Archives Identifier:  558814
  2. Woman Grinding Corn,* watercolor. National Archives Identifier:  558813

Ballaa, Yousif Ahmed El (Sudan)

  1. Landscape at Khor Taqqat, oil (1958). National Archives Identifier:  558818 and 558819
  2. Mabrouka Boardinghouse, oil (1955). National Archives Identifier:  558820
  3. Self-Portrait, oil (1959). National Archives Identifier:  558818 and 558819

Bedawi, Hassan (Sudan)

  1. Eggz,* watercolor (1965). National Archives Identifier:  558824
  2. New York Landscape,* oil on board (1965). National Archives Identifier:  558823
  3. Tension,* watercolor (1962). National Archives Identifier:  558822
  4. Village,* watercolor. National Archives Identifier:  558821

Boghossian, Alexander (Skunder) (Ethiopia)

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The Musician, watercolor (1961). Select List No. 41.

  1. Bird No. 1, welded metal sculpture. National Archives Identifier: 558835
  2. Cave-Bird and the Lantern,* watercolor (1964). National Archives Identifier:  558830
  3. Hanging Figure, welded metal sculpture. National Archives Identifier:  558836
  4. Heavenly Enlightenment,* gouache (1964). National Archives Identifier: 558831
  5. Illumination No. 1,* pen and ink (1964). National Archives Identifier: 558834
  6. Jeune Fille Assise* (young girl seated), oil (1961). National Archives Identifier:  558825
  7. Le Marche* (the market), oil (1960). National Archives Identifier: 558826
  8. Primogenetive Fissure,* watercolor (1964). National Archives Identifier: 558833
  9. Self-Portrait,* watercolor (1961). National Archives Identifier: 558827
  10. The Musician, watercolor (1961). National Archives Identifier: 558829
  11. The Umbrella,* gouache? (1961). National Archives Identifier: 558828
  12. Twilight Braves,* watercolor (1964). National Archives Identifier:  558832

Bokoko, Rene (Congo)

  1. Return from Fishing,* gouache? National Archives Identifier: 558838
  2. The Crocodile Hunt,* watercolor. National Archives Identifier: 558837
  3. The Forest, II,* gouache? National Archives Identifier: 558839

Bucknor, Arthur J. E. (Ghana)

  1. Chief from the North,* pastel (1966). National Archives Identifier:  558841
  2. Chieftaincy,* gouache (1959). National Archives Identifier:  558840
  3. Ghanaian Seascape,* gouache (1958). National Archives Identifier: 558842 

Bulu, John Barbor (Liberia)

  1. Street of Thatched Huts,* oil. National Archives Identifier:  558843

Buluma, Mordecai (Uganda)

  1. Man with Bulldog in the Evening,* serigraph.  National Archives Identifier: 558845
  2. The Abandoned Hut,* oil. National Archives Identifier: 558844
  3. The Market Place,* serigraph (1960). National Archives Identifier: 558846

Burney-Nichol, Miranda (Sierra Leone)

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The Crocodile Hunt,* watercolor. Select List No. 45.

  1. Child Reading, oil. National Archives Identifier: 558849
  2. Child with food,* section of mural in Children's Hospital (1961). National Archives Identifier: 558847
  3. Steadfast, oil. National Archives Identifier: 558848

Chingono, Francis (Zimbabwe)

  1. From the River, carved wood panel. National Archives Identifier:  558851
  2. Madonna of the Divine, wood sculpture. National Archives Identifier: 558850
  3. Man Collecting Gold Dust, wood sculpture. National Archives Identifier:  558852

Chinouya, R. (Zimbabwe)

  1. Goats,* watercolor, National Archives Identifier: 558853

Clarke, Peter (South Africa)

  1. African Figure,* stencil print (1958). National Archives Identifier: 558857
  2. In the Wind, linocut (1961). National Archives Identifier: 558854
  3. Man with White Cock, linocut (1959). National Archives Identifier: 558858
  4. Workers in the Sun,* gouache (1960). National Archives Identifier: 558856
  5. That Evening Sun Goes Down,* gouache (1960). National Archives Identifier: 558855

Dartey E. Owusu (Ghana)

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A Cottage, watercolor. Select List No. 66.

  1. A Cottage,* watercolor. National Archives Identifier: 558863
  2. A Game in Ghana,* oil. National Archives Identifier: 558862
  3. Compound Interest,* watercolor and pen and ink. National Archives Identifier: 558860
  4. I Am Tired,* oil. National Archives Identifier: 558861
  5. Mamudu* (the laborer), watercolor (1964). National Archives Identifier: 558859
  6. Snow,* watercolor (1964). National Archives Identifier: 558864
  7. The Queen,* watercolor. National Archives Identifier: 558866
  8. The Truant,* watercolor. National Archives Identifier: 558867
  9. Unity,* watercolor. National Archives Identifier: 558865

Desta, Gebra Kristos (Ethiopia)

  1. Hausfrau, oil (1961). National Archives Identifier: 558868
  2. Homecoming, oil (1961). National Archives Identifier: 558869

Enwaku, Washington (Uganda)

  1. Crested Cranes, lithograph. National Archives Identifier: 558870

Enwonwu, Ben (Nigeria)

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Hoola Hoop, woodcut (1962). Select List No. 120.

  1. Dancing Figure, ebony sculpture. National Archives Identifier: 558873
  2. Dogari,* oil (1949). National Archives Identifier: 558879
  3. Father and Son,* fruitwood sculpture. National Archives Identifier: 558871
  4. Fulani Girl of Rupp,* oil(1949). National Archives Identifier: 558878
  5. Head of Hausa,* gouache(1958). National Archives Identifier: 558876
  6. Head of Yoruba Girl,* Indian wood sculpture. National Archives Identifier: 558874
  7. Man with Banana Leaf,* oakwood sculpture. National Archives Identifier:  558872
  8. Nkatamuo,* elmwood sculpture. National Archives Identifier:  558875
  9. Waterside Scene,* gouache (1950). National Archives Identifier: 558877

Fakeye, Lamidi (Nigeria)

  1. A Priest of Oro,* carved wood panel. National Archives Identifier: 558882
  2. Annunciation of the Angel to Mary, carved wood panel. National Archives Identifier: 558880
  3. God of Thunder,* wood sculpture. National Archives Identifier:  558881

Grillo, Yusuf Adebayo (Nigeria)

  1. Yoruba Bride,* oil on board. National Archives Identifier: 558883

Hadi, Hassan El (Sudan)

  1. Endeavor, ink and wash. National Archives Identifier:  558885
  2. Forms,* gouache. National Archives Identifier: 558884

Idah (Nigeria)

  1. Hunter with Animal on His Head,* wood sculpture. National Archives Identifier:  558888
  2. Medicine Man, carved wood panel. National Archives Identifier: 558887
  3. Woman As Warrior, carved wood panel. National Archives Identifier: 558886

Idehen, Festus Omo (Nigeria)

  1. Musician,* ebony sculpture. National Archives Identifier:  558889

Kalanzi, Yonansani (Uganda)

  1. The Artist, oil. National Archives Identifier:  558890
  2. The Beer Seller, oil. National Archives Identifier:  558891

Keita (Sierra Leone)

  1. Portrait or Mask,* oil on canvas board. National Archives Identifier: 558892

Khalil, Mohammed Omer (Sudan)

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Snake Amid Flowers,* oil. Select List No. 136.

  1. Nude,* oil. National Archives Identifier: 558897
  2. Movimiento Verde,* oil. National Archives Identifier:  558896
  3. Reflections from the World's Fair, etching (1965). National Archives Identifier:  558894
  4. The Chalk Garden, etching (1965). National Archives Identifier: 558895
  5. Waiting on the Pier,* ink and watercolor. National Archives Identifier: 558893

Khumalo, Lazarus (Zimbabwe)

  1. Witch Doctor, soapstone sculpture. National Archives Identifier:  558898

Kofi, Vincent (Ghana)

  1. Awakening Africa, bronze sculpture. National Archives Identifier: 558901
  2. Crucifix, wood sculpture. National Archives Identifier: 558903
  3. Mother and Child, wood sculpture. National Archives Identifier: 558904
  4. Unknown Slave, cast metal sculpture. National Archives Identifier: 558902

Kotei, Amon (Ghana)

  1. Adei with Red Scarf,* oil (1960). National Archives Identifier: 558900
  2. Moments in Hell,* oil(1960). National Archives Identifier: 558899

Kyemwa, Anthony (Brother Anthony) (Uganda)

  1. Cormorant and Fish, wood sculpture. National Archives Identifier:  558906
  2. The Frog, soapstone sculpture. National Archives Identifier: 558905

Kyeyune, Eli (Uganda)

  1. Death,* oil on paper. National Archives Identifier:  558909
  2. Rhoda Kayanja,* oil (1963). National Archives Identifier: 558907
  3. The Conversation,* oil (1963). National Archives Identifier: 558908
  4. The Owl, oil. National Archives Identifier: 559159

Langdown, Amos (South Africa)

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Night in the Forest, wood engraving. Select List No. 223.

  1. Death and the Horsemen, lithograph. National Archives Identifier: 558910
  2. Fighting Cocks; engraving (1962). National Archives Identifier: 558913
  3. Hoola Hoop, woodcut (1962). National Archives Identifier: 558912
  4. Man with Beef, lithograph (1963). National Archives Identifier: 558911

Lumu, Henry Michael (Uganda)

  1. Wandegeya Suburb,* tempera on paper (1960). National Archives Identifier: 558914

Luvwezo, Jean (Zaire)

  1. Dance Masks,* oil. National Archives Identifier: 558915
  2. L'Avenir,* oil. National Archives Identifier: 558916

Malangatana, Valente G. (Mozambique)

  1. Nude with Crucifix, oil (1960). National Archives Identifier:  558918
  2. Rape, oil (1961). National Archives Identifier: 558919
  3. The Voyage, oil (1960). National Archives Identifier: 558917

Manyolo, Betty (Uganda)

  1. African Fable, linocut. National Archives Identifier: 558921
  2. Cattle People,* oil. National Archives Identifier: 558922
  3. Death in the Forest, linocut. National Archives Identifier: 558920

Mitchell, James (South Africa)

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Cattle People, oil. Select List No. 129.

  1. Excitement, linocut (1962). National Archives Identifier: 558924
  2. Friday Night, linocut (1961). National Archives Identifier: 558923
  3. "Socker's" Alley, linocut (1962). National Archives Identifier:  558925

Mlahlwa, Mercy (South Africa)

  1. Sisters, soapstone sculpture. National Archives Identifier: 558926

Mulongoya, Pili Pili (Zaire)

  1. Crocodile and Snake Fighting,* oil. National Archives Identifier:  558928
  2. Snake Amid Flowers,* oil. National Archives Identifier:  558927

Musango, Francis (Brother Francis) (Uganda)

  1. Christ in the Manger,* oil. National Archives Identifier: 558929
  2. Kikuyu Women,* watercolor? National Archives Identifier: 558931
  3. The Flower,* watercolor? National Archives Identifier: 558930

Mvusi, Selby (South Africa)

  1. Retreat, charcoal. National Archives Identifier:  558933
  2. The Funeral, charcoal (1961). National Archives Identifier:  558932
  3. The Patriots, pencil or charcoal drawing. National Archives Identifier: 558934

Ngu, Clara Ugbodaga (Nigeria)

  1. Beggars,* oil (1963). National Archives Identifier:  558937
  2. Man and Bird,* oil (1963). National Archives Identifier:  558936
  3. Market Women,* oil.(1961). National Archives Identifier:  558935

Njau, Elimo P. (Tanzania)

  1. Head of Christ,* oil. Murals at Fort Hall Memorial Chapel, Kenya. National Archives Identifier: 558939
  2. The Birth of Christ. National Archives Identifier:  558941
  3. The Last Supper.  National Archives Identifier:  558940
  4. The Load and the Hoe, lithograph. National Archives Identifier:  558938

Nour, Amir lbrahim Mohed (Sudan)

  1. Building in Black and White, lithograph. National Archives Identifier:  558942
  2. Chaos, lithograph (1961). National Archives Identifier:  558943
  3. Lines and Shapes,* lithograph (1961). National Archives Identifier:  558944

Ntiro, Sam J. (Tanzania)

  1. Chagga Beermaking,* oil. National Archives Identifier:  558945
  2. Conversion of Saint Paul, cartoon for a mural, oil. National Archives Identifier:  558947
  3. In the Banana Grove,* oil. National Archives Identifier:  558946
  4. Kakindo Crucifixion,* oil. National Archives Identifier:  558948
  5. Making Chagga Hut,* oil. National Archives Identifier:  558949
  6. Mango Tree,* oil. National Archives Identifier:  558951
  7. Round Huts,* oil. National Archives Identifier:  558950

Nwoko, Demas N. (Nigeria)

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Frog. Select List No. 169

  1. Beggar Boy, watercolor. National Archives Identifier:  558953
  2. Children on Cycles, oil on panel. National Archives Identifier: 558952

Odita, Emmanuel Okechukwu (Nigeria)

  1. Sheep Grazing, oil. National Archives Identifier:  558956
  2. The Market Stall,* oil. National Archives Identifier:  558954
  3. Yam Festival Dancers,* oil (1963). National Archives Identifier:  558955

Ogundele, Rufus (Nigeria)

  1. Bird, linocut. National Archives Identifier:  558959
  2. Figures, linocut. National Archives Identifier:  558958
  3. Scene from "Oba Moro," linocut. National Archives Identifier:  558957

Okeke, C. Uche (Nigeria)

  1. Christ on the Cross, ink and brush on paper. National Archives Identifier:  558961
  2. Frog, Ibo Legendary Figure, pen and ink (1959). National Archives Identifier:  558960
  3. Odede F. Omarudo, pen and ink (1959). National Archives Identifier:  558962

Okeke, Simon Obiekezie (Nigeria)

  1. Composition with Torsos,* oil on paper (1961). National Archives Identifier:  558966
  2. Crouched Figure,* print (1960). National Archives Identifier:  558964
  3. Head No. 3, sculpture, National Archives Identifier:  558963
  4. Heads with Drum,* oil on paper (1960). National Archives Identifier:  558965

Okiki, Godfrey A. (Nigeria)

  1. African Mother and Child,* woodcut (1963). National Archives Identifier:  558967
  2. Casting the Net,* oil (1964). National Archives Identifier: 558970
  3. Dance to the Talking Drum,* linocut (1963). National Archives Identifier: 558973
  4. Scene: Northern Nigeria,* oil (1964). National Archives Identifier:  558969
  5. The Call,* oil on board (1964). National Archives Identifier:  558972
  6. The Worshippers,* oil (1964). National Archives Identifier:  558971
  7. Women off to Market, woodcut (1963). National Archives Identifier:  558968

Onobrakpeya, Bruce P. 0. (Nigeria)

  1. Ahwaire and the Dog, linocut illustrating an Urhobo folktale that tells how the dog got his black nose. National Archives Identifier:  558978
  2. Ahwaire (the tortoise), linocut illustrating Urhobo legendary figure trapped on the top of the palm tree and being rescued by the fishes. National Archives Identifier:  558977
  3. Eketete and Erbeybuye, linocut illustrating a fight between the two laziest creatures in Benin legend. National Archives Identifier: 558979
  4. Fulani Milk Woman,* linocut. National Archives Identifier: 558974
  5. Okpogho, linocut illustrating Urhobo legendary figure who buried his mother inside his head. National Archives Identifier:  558976
  6. Portrait of Oseni,* linocut. National Archives Identifier:  558975

Osadebe, Oseloka 0. (Nigeria)

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Ima Ogodo. Select List No. 191

  1. He Liveth, linocut (1960). National Archives Identifier: 558980
  2. Ibo Life* (festivals), left half of oil mural at Mbari Centre, Enugu, Nigeria (1963). National Archives Identifier: 558982
  3. Ibo Life,* right half of mural at Mbari Centre (1963). National Archives Identifier:  558983
  4. Ima Ogodo,* linocut.National Archives Identifier:  558981

Osifo, Osagie (Nigeria)

  1. Benin Wrestlers, ebony sculpture. National Archives Identifier: 558984
  2. Girl Carrying a Gourd, traditional whitewood carving. National Archives Identifier:  558986
  3. 15th or 16th century Benin king, carved wood panel. National Archives Identifier: 558985

Richards, R. Vahnjah (Liberia)

  1. The Conversation, mahogany sculpture (1964). National Archives Identifier:  558988
  2. Tribal mask of the Vai Tribe sculpture (1961). National Archives Identifier: 558987

Salahi, lbrahim El (Sudan)

  1. Al Ansari,* oil. National Archives Identifier:  558992
  2. Ammi El Kinani,* oil (1960). National Archives Identifier:  558816
  3. Boats at Angoiai, I, * watercolor (1953). National Archives Identifier: 558990
  4. Boats in the Rain,* watercolor (1954). National Archives Identifier: 558991
  5. Dry Month of the Fast,* oil. National Archives Identifier: 558995
  6. Head No.1,* oil. National Archives Identifier: 558815
  7. Head of a Mahdiya Warrior, ink drawing, National Archives Identifier: 558993
  8. Ruins of Suakin,* watercolor (1954). National Archives Identifier: 558989
  9. The Arising,* oil. National Archives Identifier: 558994
  10. The Donkey in my Dreams,* oil. National Archives Identifier:  558996
  11. Untitled drawing, pen and ink (1963). National Archives Identifier:  558997

Sambo, Kingsley (Zimbabwe)

  1. At the Mine, oil. National Archives Identifier:  558998
  2. City Night Life, oil. National Archives Identifier: 558999

Sedibane, Solomon Kgwadi (South Africa)

  1. Foster Mother,* wood sculpture. National Archives Identifier:  559002
  2. Mary and Baby Jesus, wild olivewood sculpture (1960). National Archives Identifier: 558817
  3. Shangaan Mother and Child, wild olivewood sculpture (1958). National Archives Identifier: 559000
  4. The Wrestlers, red ivorywood sculpture (1961). National Archives Identifier: 559001

Sekoto, Gerard (South Africa)

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Sunset Road, watercolor. Select List No. 234.

  1. Mother and Child,* oil (1959). National Archives Identifier: 559003
  2. The Dream of Two Worlds,* oil (1961). National Archives Identifier: 559004
  3. The Notre Dame Church, oil (1960). National Archives Identifier: 559006
  4. Woman Ironing by Candlelight,* oil. National Archives Identifier: 559005

Shibrain, Ahmed Mohammed (Sudan)

  1. Mosque Impressions,* watercolor. National Archives Identifier:  559008
  2. Motives,* watercolor. National Archives Identifier: 559009
  3. Shapes,* ink and wash. National Archives Identifier: 559010
  4. The Flower,* watercolor. National Archives Identifier: 559007

Suliman, Sayed (Sudan)

  1. Grazing,* watercolor. National Archives Identifier: 559012
  2. Night in the Forest, wood engraving. National Archives Identifier:  559013
  3. Small Goats at Midday, pen and ink. National Archives Identifier: 559011

Talabi, George 0. (Nigeria)

  1. A Baltimore Lady,* oil. National Archives Identifier: 559015
  2. African Madonna,* oil. National Archives Identifier: 559014
  3. Broken Wares, print (1963). National Archives Identifier: 559017
  4. Design for "adire" cloth, print. National Archives Identifier: 559019
  5. The Image of African Personality, oil. National Archives Identifier: 559016
  6. Transport in the Sahara, etching. National Archives Identifier: 559018

Tall, Papa Ibra (Senegal)

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Welded Bird, welded steel sculpture. Select List No. 240.

  1. Harlem,* oil (1962). National Archives Identifier: 559020
  2. La Foret aux Souvenirs, oil (1962). National Archives Identifier: 559021

Tayali, Henry Nikole (Zimbabwe) 

  1. Shipwrecked,* watercolor. National Archives Identifier: 559023
  2. Sunset Road,* watercolor. National Archives Identifier: 559022
  3. The Omen,* watercolor. National Archives Identifier: 559024

Tessema, Mamo (Ethiopia)

  1. Porcelain bowl, teapot, and vase,* ceramic. National Archives Identifier: 559029 
  2. The Capture,* woodcut. National Archives Identifier:  559025
  3. Vulture, ceramic and steel sculpture. National Archives Identifier:  559028
  4. Warrior,* welded steel sculpture. National Archives Identifier:  559027
  5. Welded Bird,* welded steel sculpture. National Archives Identifier:  559026

Wangboje, Solomon (Nigeria)

  1. At the Wharf,* oil (1960).  National Archives Identifier:  559032
  2. Earth, Moon and Sky, 1,* aquatint? (1966).  National Archives Identifier:  559031
  3. Male Ego, III.* lithograph (1966).  National Archives Identifier:   559033
  4. The Musicmaker: Mood IV,* color etching.  National Archives Identifier:  559034
  5. Where Is Ali?* linocut (1961).  National Archives Identifier:  559030

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Note: Restricted - Possibly Copyright
NARA has no information on the rights the artists might hold on the reproductions of their paintings.

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