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Transcript of Letter from Helen Keller to President Herbert Hoover

[Handwritten]: Helen Keller

Arcan Ridge
Westport, Conn.

[Handwritten]: Noted

February 4, 1955


Dear Mr. Hoover,
            It is a task both delicate and difficult for me to thank you in words for your most friendly tribute. The only adequate acknowledgement is the invisible, inaudible but none the less real heart-throbs of appreciation that accompany these lines.
            Your wonderful thought of me on the eve of my departure for the Far East will kindle my courage as I reach out into unknown and not easily attainable areas of service to the blind and the deaf who await the Light and the Utterance of Life that is God’s Gift to all men.
            Hoping that you may help to keep warm the interest in raising the handicapped to the rights and the activities of normal humanity, I am, with renewed thanks,
                                                                                    Faithfully yours,
                                                            [Handwritten]: Helen Keller