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Transcript of Letter from Helen Keller to Herbert Hoover Regarding His Donation to the American Foundation for Overseas Blind

[Handwritten]: Noted                                                                            [Handwritten]: Helen Keller

Arcan Ridge
Westport, Conn.

                                    December 18, 1958


Dear Mr. Hoover,
            Humbly I beg your pardon for not acknowledging sooner your generous donation to my work for the blind of the world. I have been away with Miss Thomson on a holiday in Atlantic City. She has been ill for a long time, but I am thankful to say that she is now on the road to recovery.
            What especially warmed my heart was the assurance that your donation went to the American Foundation for Overseas Blind. It is a special pleasure for me to thank you and to say how proud and happy I am that the cooperation of you and many other friends has built up an undreamed-of bridge of assistance to the blind throughout the globe in their gallant struggle for knowledge and usefulness.
            With deep esteem from Miss Thomson and myself,
I am,
                                                                        Cordially yours,
                                                                        [Handwritten]: Helen Keller

Mr. Herbert Hoover
The Waldorf-Astoria Towers
New York City