The National Archives Catalog

General Records Type Authority List

The General Records Type Authority List provides data values for the General Records Type element.

Architectural and Engineering Drawings
scope note: The broad class of technical drawings that follow precise conventions or scale and that are intended for construction or mechanical purposes, whether or not a project was executed. Examples of architectural and engineering drawings include records needed to plan and build static structures, such as buildings, bridges, and canals, as well as objects, such as weapons and machines. These may be in electronic form.

scope note: A two or three dimensional object largely defined by aesthetic value or value as an object rather than by informational value.

Data Files
scope note: 1) A structured collection of data that is stored together and treated as a unit by a computer. 2) Related data (numeric, textual, or graphic information) and fields that are organized in a strictly prescribed form and format. Examples of data files include databases, spreadsheets, and e-mail. Data files are not the same as textual documents recorded on electronic media.

Maps and Charts
scope note: Graphic representations, drawn to scale, of selected features of the surface and atmosphere of the earth and of other planets and planetary satellites. Examples include hydrographic/nautical charts, weather charts, aeronautical charts, photomaps, orthophotomaps, atlases, cartograms, globes, and relief models. These may be in electronic form.

Moving Images
scope note: A sequence of images that presents the illusion of motion or movement as they are advanced. Examples include motion pictures, videos, and other theatrical releases, shorts, news footage (including television newscasts and theatrical newsreels), trailers, outtakes, screen tests, training films, educational material, commercials, spot announcements, home movies, amateur footage, television broadcasts, and unedited footage. These may be in electronic form.

Photographs and other Graphic Materials
scope note: Two-dimensional pictorial representations intended to be viewed, without motion, either by the naked eye or by means of an optical device, such as transparencies, negatives, or slides. Examples include photographs (positive or negative, opaque or transparent), prints, posters, and original art. These may be in electronic form.

Sound Recordings
scope note: Digital or analog recordings for audio purposes only. Examples include radio broadcasts, public service or advertising spot announcements, recordings of meetings, oral histories, and speeches.

Textual Records
scope note: The term usually applied to manuscript and typescript records. Examples include minutes of meetings, organizational charts, diaries, calendars, correspondence, reports, briefing books, legal opinions, directives, and publications. Textual records may be in electronic form, as in the case of some email records or word processing documents.

Web Pages
scope note: One or more electronic files accessed by Internet browsers and associated with a unique address called a Uniform Resource Locator (URL).