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Date Note

Mandatory Repeatable Data Type Authority Level Available A/V Only Public Element
No No Variable Character Length (2000) None Record Group
File Unit
No Yes


Definition: The explanation of various dates or predominant bulk dates or gaps in the record group, collection, or archival materials.


Purpose: Explains the appearance of multiple date elements in the description, such as a series with both inclusive dates and coverage dates. Alerts users of any gaps in coverage and indicates the dates of the predominant portion of the record group, collection, or archival materials.


Relationship: This element is dependent on the other Date Elements. To have Date Note, at least one of the Date Elements must be created.



Enter any significant information pertaining to the dates of the record group, collection, or archival materials.

Use this element to explain why uncertainty about the dates of archival materials may exist. Be sure to specifically indicate uncertain or estimated (approximate) dates in the date qualifier elements.

If multiple date elements are used in a description at the Record Group, Collection, or Series Level, explain the distinctions in Date Note. For example, if a series has both inclusive dates and coverage dates, then explain the different dates in Date Note. At the File Unit and Item Level, it is not necessary to explain the distinctions between multiple date elements.

Write in complete sentences. Be precise and brief. Do not use acronyms or organizational designations that are not defined in either Title or Scope and Content Note. If Date Note uses an acronym that is not defined in either Title or Scope and Content Note, define the acronym the first time that it is used in Date Note. Consult the Abbreviations section for further guidance on other abbreviation topics.




Inclusive Start Date - 1917
Inclusive End Date - 1970
Date Note - The bulk of these are from the period from 1940 to mid-1960s.


Inclusive Start Date - 1921
Inclusive End Date - 1940
Coverage Start Date - 1860
Coverage End Date - 1865
Date Note - These Civil War-era photographs were obtained by the Office of the Chief Signal Officer in 1921 and used by that organization through 1940.

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