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Mandatory Repeatable Data Type Authority Level Available A/V Only Public Element
No No Numeric (10) None Item Yes Yes


Definition: The length in feet for an individual roll or reel in an audiovisual item.


Purpose: Provides the footage of the particular media type of the audiovisual item.


Relationship: This element is dependent on Media Type. Each media occurrence of the archival materials must have a media type specified to create Footage.



Enter the length of the individual roll or reel. Do not use commas.

Calculate the length in feet, not inches. Round off the length to the nearest foot.

Use Total Footage to indicate the total footage of the audiovisual item.




[For reel one of the motion picture "Surveying the Grand Canyon."]


[For reel two of the motion picture "Surveying the Grand Canyon."]


[For the motion picture "Operation Dark Cloud."]

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