The National Archives Catalog

Record Group Title

Mandatory Repeatable Data Type Authority Entity Public Element Label
Yes No Variable Character Length (700) List of Record Groups of the National Archives and Records Administration Product Yes Record Group Title


Definition: A unique name assigned to a record group from which archival materials are reproduced to create a microform product.


Purpose: Allows users to identify or retrieve all microform products that are reproductions of archival material from a particular record group.


Relationship: This element and Record Group Number are dependent on each other. For each microform product, Record Group Title and Record Group Number must both be included.


Guidance: Enter the title of the record group. The title must be a valid title from the "List of Record Groups of the National Archives and Records Administration."


Records of the U.S. Grain Corporation


General Records of the Department of State


Records of the Office of the Pardon Attorney


General Records of the Employment Standards Administration

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