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Numbering Note

Mandatory Repeatable Data Type Authority Level Available A/V Only Public Element
No No Variable Character Length (2000) None Series No Yes


Definition: The explanation of an agency or NARA-assigned numbering scheme.


Purpose: Facilitates retrieval and reproduction of the archival materials.


Relationship: This element is independent.



Enter a note that explains the numbering scheme(s) relating to the archival materials.

If needed, include instructions for users to cite a specific sequence, format, or content of the numbering scheme when requesting the archival materials. The instructions must clarify if the numbering scheme is intended for use by NARA employees only.

If needed, include instructions for users on how to determine which number on the materials is the appropriate one for ordering reproductions.

Write in complete sentences. Be precise and brief. Do not use acronyms or organizational designations that are not defined in either Title or Scope and Content Note. If Numbering Note uses an acronym that is not defined in either Title or Scope and Content Note, define the acronym the first time that it is used in Numbering Note. Consult the Abbreviations section for further guidance on other abbreviation topics.




Requests for images in this series must include the record group number, series identifier, volume number and item number. The item number is the plate number in the upper right corner of each sheet. (Example=3-MFB-1-Pl.44). For blueprints, the item number is the alpha-numeric number in the upper left corner. (Example=3-MFB-2-6c).


Requests for case files in this series must include the final certificate number, which is often found in tract books or on patent documents. When requesting canceled or relinquished case files under the Homestead Act and Timber Culture Acts, include the application number.

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