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Classification 2: Neutrality Matters

Established in June of 1940, this classification covers investigations into violations of neutrality statues. The Neutrality Acts declare illegal such actions as conspiracy to injure the property of a foreign government, enlisting in a foreign service, organizing a military expedition from the United States against a country with which the U.S. is at peace, and arming vessels of any country to commit hostilities against a country with which the United States requires the licensing of all persons engaged in the manufacture, importation of arts, ammunition, or implements of war.

NARA holdings for Classification 2: Neutrality Matters

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Record Group Finding Aid EntrySeries Title
65UD 10D 16 Classification 2 (Neutrality Matters) Headquarters Case Files
65UD 07D 16Classification 2 (Neutrality Matters) Field Office Case Files and Manual Indices, Multiple Field Offices
65UD 07D 17Classification 2 (Neutrality Matters) Headquarters Case Files, 1940 - 1981

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