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Classification 40: Passport and Visa Matters

This classification was established in 1924 but it includes records dated earlier. Investigations concern false passport/visa applications, counterfeit passports and the use of one person's passport by another person. The Bureau's emphasis shifted from alien enemies and German agents in World War II to communists in the Cold War (particularly after passage of the Internal Security Act of 1950) to unauthorized travel to Cuba after 1962 under the Cuban travel ban authorized in 8 USC 1185.

NARA online catalog descriptions of holdings for Classification 40: Passport and Visa Matters

Record Group NARA IdentifierSeries Title
65568085Classification 40 (Passport and Visa Matters) Released Under The Nazi War Crimes and Japanese Imperial Government Disclosure Acts

Some records under Classification 40: Passport and Visa Matters are not yet described in NARA's online catalog. Please contact NARA's Special Access Program at with your reference request.

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