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Classification 84: Reconstruction Finance Corporation Act (Obsolete)

This classification was established in 1934 to investigate provisional violations of the Reconstruction Finance Corporation Act of the U.S. Code, Title 15, Chapter 14. Investigated violations include false statements made in connection with loan applications, speculating in securities of borrowers, forgery and counterfeiting. In 1937 investigations of forgery and counterfeiting of government obligations were turned over to the Secret Service. In 1938 cases arising in connection with the Commodity Credit Corporation (whose funds were to a large extent provided by the Reconstruction Finance Corporation Act) were referred to the Agricultural Adjustment Administration. Changes in the provisions of the U.S. Code Title 18 led the Bureau to declare this classification obsolete in 1949 and to assign files on investigations of cases relating to Federal lending and insurance agencies to Classification 66.

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Record GroupFinding Aid EntrySeries Title
65UD-UP 10Classification 84 - Headquarters Case Files, 1934-1953
65UD-UP 12Classification 84 - Field Office Case Files and Index, 1934-1949

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