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Classification 106: Alien Enemy Control

This classification was established in 1940 to investigate violators of the Alien Registration Act of 1940 and to investigate escapes of prisoners of war (EPOWs) from camps in the United States. After 1943, activity increased pursuant to an agreement with the War Department to catch EPOWs. The Bureau assumed jurisdiction because it considered EPOWs to be potential spies and saboteurs. After the war the Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) expected to handle all cases involving POWs but the FBI continued to keep those cases open. In 1949, 14 cases remained, in 1953 there were five, and in 1963, two.

The INS had primary responsibility under the Alien Registration Act, but the FBI investigated certain types of cases such as failure to register, breaking of travel restrictions, and possession of contraband. Headquarters also received notices of violations for information only. After 1945 the president began removing various enemy restrictions. At the same time the FBI became responsible for cases arising under an April 30, 1945 law making it a crime to aid an escaped POW.

NARA online catalog descriptions of holdings for 106: Alien Enemy Control

Record Group NARA IdentifierSeries Title
65568027Headquarters Files from Classification 106 (Alien Enemy Control) Released Under the Nazi War Crimes and Japanese Imperial Government Disclosure Acts

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