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Classification 177: Discrimination in Housing

The Bureau opened this classification in 1968 to investigate complaints of violations of the fair housing provision of Title VIII of the Civil Rights Act of 1968. In 1974 Congress added "sex" to race, color, religion, and national origin as a category of discrimination. Violations include discrimination in the advertising, sale, and rental of housing including "blockbusting" and "redlining." In 1968, only federally-financed housing came under FBI jurisdiction. However, after January 1, 1969 virtually all housing discrimination could be investigated. The Civil Rights Division of the Department of Justice had to authorize investigations through June 1970. Thereafter a U.S. Attorney could request them. In 1970 the Bureau also asked Field Offices to inform Headquarters of unreasonable or illogical requests.

NARA ARC descriptions of holdings for Classification 177: Discrimination in Housing

Record GroupNational Archives IdentifierSeries Title
65569495Classification 177 (Discrimination in Housing) Released Under The Nazi War Crimes and Japanese Imperial Government Disclosure Acts

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