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May 3, 1972 Demonstration

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Volume: 2 Feet





We have reviewed all of the records relating to the May 3rd Demonstration under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), and the material is available for immediate release. Some full documents and portions of other documents are exempt from release under specific FOIA exemptions. After each folder title, we note the page count and any FOIA exemptions applied to documents within that folder. The documents are NOT available on line.

For questions about these records or copying information, please write to the Special Access and FOIA Staff at the National Archives at College Park, Room 5500, 8601 Adelphi Road, College Park, MD 20740-6001, or call at (301) 837-3190.

Box 1:

  • Planning and Coordination [b3 grand jury information, b6, 7c-16 pages]
  • Investigative Correspondence [7c-15 pages]
  • Investigative Correspondence-- non-Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) [b3 grand jury information, 7c-56 pages]
  • Investigative Correspondence-- FBI [7c, b3 grand jury information-83 pages]
  • Documentary Evidence- summaries [b3 grand jury information, b6, 7c-144 pages]
  • Documentary Evidence:
    • Airline tickets [7c-16 pages]
    • CRP logs: May 1st-4th [13 pages]
    • Arrangements for demonstration and Hoover [108 pages]
    • From Capitol Police [7c-32 pages]
    • From George Rodericks, Mayor's Command Center:
      • Wednesday 3 May 1972, 1200-2400, National Emergency Moratorium at US Capitol [7c-25 pages]
      • Wednesday 3 May 1972, 1000-1730, American Friends Service Committee [38 pages]
      • Chronological file, May 1972 1-9 May [b6-168 pages]
    • Reitz Diary for early May '72 [b3 grand jury information-2 pages]
    • US v. Russo and Ellsberg, Motion relating to May 3rd Incident [78 pages]
    • Shumway, DeVan L. 1972 diary [109 pages]
    • 1st Monday issues from Lofton, John [56 pages]
    • FBI summaries [7c-5 pages]
    • Rhatican's White House notes [70 pages]
    • [         ]-grand jury exhibits [b3 grand jury information-3 pages]
    • Newspaper accounts [24 pages]

Box 2:

  • Contact sheets for photographs of Republican events [Open]

Box 2A:

  • Negatives for photographs of Republican events [Open]

Box 3: Witness Statements:

  • Witness Statements [b3 grand jury information-13 pages]
  • FBI statements [b6, 7c-320 pages]
  • Senate statements [7c-53 pages]
  • Watergate Special Prosecution Force interviews [b3 grand jury information, b6, 7c-178 pages]
  • Rhatican, William [b3 grand jury information, 7c-87 pages]
  • Rohan, Angelica [b6, 7c-45 pages]

Box 4:

  • Legal and Factual Analysis [b3 grand jury information, 7c, Presidential Recordings and Materials Preservation Act (PRMPA) -259 pages]
  • Recommendations [b3 grand jury information, 7c, PRMPA-70 pages]
  • Notes [b3 grand jury information, 7c-98 pages]
  • Photographs [20 large photographs of demonstrations-none of the May 3rd demonstration]