JFK Assassination Records

Donated Papers of Richard E. Sprague

Volume: 11.18 cubic feet
For questions about these records or copying information, please write to the Special Access and FOIA Staff at the National Archives at College Park, Room 6350, 8601 Adelphi Road, College Park, MD 20740-6001, call at (301) 837-3190, or e-mail: specialaccess_foia@nara.gov.
Richard E. Sprague

Richard Sprague began investigating the assassination of President Kennedy on his own in 1966. In 1967, he served as photographic advisor to New Orleans District Attorney Jim Garrison.

The Records

The Sprague papers consist of four series: articles and printed materials, correspondence, photographs and audio/visual material, and Jack Gordon files.

Articles and Printed Materials, 7 cubic feet
This series contains approximately 288 articles from newspapers and magazines about the assassination of President Kennedy, from 1963-1989. These items are arranged alphabetically by the name of the magazine or newspaper. The oversize newspaper articles and maps are stored separately. Also included are government records copied from the National Archives concerning JFK's assassination.

Correspondence, 3 cubic feet
This series contains Sprague's correspondence with researchers and government representatives. There are also unpublished manuscripts by Sprague. The guide lists the files number, correspondent, dates of correspondence, number of pieces, and location of correspondent.

Photographs and Audio/Visual Material (Housed Separately)
This series contains approximately 460 photographs, slides, and films concerning the JFK assassination. There are also audio tapes containing interviews and radio broadcasts. Each visual image has its own number in the Photographic Archives (PA) system-- a system which Sprague developed and published in a 1970 article in Computers and Automation. Some items are oversized and stored separately; these items are marked with an "O." The key to abbreviations provides information on other listings such as "N" for negative and "S" for slide. The film and television footage in this series were placed on one videotape to preserve the originals.

Jack Gordon Files, 3 cubic feet
John H. "Jack" Gordon was a friend and fellow researcher of Sprague. Gordon's files include correspondence and articles concerning various assassination, and several videotapes, which are housed separately.