JFK Assassination Records

JFK Assassination Bulk Download Files

Download times may be significant due to the large size.

July 24 and October 26, 2017 Releases

  1. jfk-pdf1.zip (2.9 GB) MD5: 80e2188593fca6467acc1c4214f3ba9b
  2. jfk-pdf2.zip (2.4 GB) MD5: 55af7bb87eb760c9e6dead830a97fc7c
  3. jfk-pdf3.zip (2.5 GB) MD5: ae800b0b61302e0efe82b3014700d911
  4. jfk-wav1.zip (1.9 GB) MD5: 98fc25b58445d399ef5842c403c56661
  5. jfk-wav2.zip (2.6 GB) MD5: 83404cb0760f5dba932c8214b34a3f4a
  6. jfk-wav3.zip (2.3 GB) MD5: f94ac4a195443ab66c601cbb4ca92dd1
  7. jfk-wav4.zip (1.7 GB) MD5: 8730b6e5efd6e23c477b5c20b0a5887a
  8. jfk-wav5.zip (2.3 GB) MD5: e838012e01444430d7aa1bc4bc2d2ba4
  9. jfk-wav6.zip (2.0 GB) MD5: 3ba6263405a2f2373fff0bb8aeada662

November 3, 2017 Release

  1. jfk20171103.zip (2.6 GB) MD5: 6b4ab22682c8827a4dc25906de9814ac

November 9, 2017 Release

  1. jfk20171109.zip (3.2 GB) MD5: 96080aff5e40925b3330c9169c70cfc9

November 17, 2017 Release

  1. jfk2017111710.zip (3.7 GB) MD5: f619fabd567e4ffa4e4176107322f0f8

December 15, 2017 Release

  1. jfk20171215a.zip (2.0 GB) MD5: d6928b8efc1fcd6f301c0b89e850173d
  2. jfk20171215b.zip (2.2 GB) MD5: d9e719011679b755c4f9f22fe9956640
  3. jfk20171215c.zip (1.9 GB) MD5: d664566a0c925464bcd9349334591d71

April 26, 2018 Release

  1. jfk201804a.zip (1.1G) MD5: 74f0fffb568724abda4a0f02ae8cb825
  2. jfk201804b.zip (1.0G) MD5: 4464ea7788a479f7b3badc0e9b4e6f9c
  3. jfk201804c.zip (1.2G) MD5: 7ebf15c13c0605e7ce3b83ce3ba90770
  4. jfk201804d.zip (1.1G) MD5: 3ac6abb1f305de7fe8b648a71ff99809
  5. jfk201804e.zip (1.1G) MD5: 6e53d9d0a31c2c6e89b6513257b7661a
  6. jfk201804f.zip (1.3G) MD5: cb66f683d1927984b3fb2f20f8be9a0c
  7. jfk201804g.zip (1.0G) MD5: 5501944cc325397692d3f8d6f9bfde2f
  8. jfk201804h.zip (923M) MD5: 38e252e058c1627393e4542fc328e7e2
  9. jfk201804i.zip (987M) MD5: 25cb16fd243ecea6f6cc3b5bf2bb0295
  10. jfk201804j.zip (1.1G) MD5: 3f2742c5542e71ddf28865f2c8a180ae

December 15, 2021 Release

  1. jfk2021.zip (1.2G) MD5: 3b41d5d25a211c681a8c5f79e3720b70

December 15, 2022 Release

  1. jfk2022.zip (12.7G) MD5: 350323648f093d3aa7b204c5445e33da

April 13, 2023 Release

  1. jfk2023a.zip (339M) MD5: 5c5f2eb2db9b259362e1437909892e97

April 27, 2023 Release

  1. jfk2023b.zip (343M) MD5: 6fc670f350cd3f32a7f53aaf72ffe443

May 11, 2023 Release

  1. jfk2023c.zip (554M) MD5: 907cbb9a2b9a3f48069a9bb90d152829

June 13, 2023 Release

  1. jfk2023d.zip (238M) MD5: 4452423375cd3f885677ff380c7af365

June 27, 2023 Release

  1. jfk2023e.zip (4.2G) MD5: b48fefd4f94f23b19f8aa890921e53b4

August 24, 2023 Release

  1. jfk2023f.zip (74M) MD5: b42f95619706901b69cf2e104747009d


What is a zip file?

Zip files (.zip) are useful when transmitting large amounts of data. Since more than one file can be contained in a .zip file, the .zip file can be downloaded then unzipped to open many files at once. The .zip file format allows data to be compressed. Compression reduces the volume of data in a file to make it easier and faster to transmit.

How do I use a zip file?

To open a .zip file in Windows:

To open the entire contents of the folder, right-click the folder, click Extract All, and then follow the instructions

Once the file extraction is complete, you should see the individual files in a folder window. The unzipped folder opens in a new window, and you can begin working with the files contained inside that folder.

To open a .zip file in MAC OS X:

Click the 'Finder' app on the Dock and browse to the location where the .zip file is saved

Double-click the .zip file to extract its contents. The contents of the .zip file are automatically extracted to a new folder with the same name and location as the .zip file

Open the new folder to view and access its contents

Do I need special software to use a zip file?

The .zip format is now supported by many software utilities. Microsoft has included built-in .zip support in versions of Microsoft Windows. Apple has included built-in .zip support in Mac OS X 10.3 and later. Most free operating systems have built in support for .zip in similar manners to Windows and Mac OS X. 

Software is available from a variety of vendors. Freeware packages available include 

StuffIt Expander from Allume Systems and Unzip