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Selected National Archives Record Groups Related to American Indians

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US Congressional committee visits Pine Ridge Reservation, 07/10/1925

National Archives Identifier: 285466

The National Archives holds historical records related to American Indians and Alaska Natives created by all three branches of the Federal government, including a variety of Federal agencies. The records are organized by Record Group (RG), with the records created by a single major government entity grouped together. The title of the RG indicates the agency or bureau responsible for creating or receiving those records. Learn more about the Record Group concept

Explore Topics By Selected Record Groups

Organized by topic, the following boxes highlight some of the record groups that contain records relating to American Indians and Alaska Natives.

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Record Groups (RG) are listed by their assigned number and the corresponding short title. Materials for a single topic may be located in multiple record groups. To learn about a record group, browse the Guide to Federal Records. For agency-specific finding aids or research assistance, view the National Archives Catalog or Contact Us.


  • RG 11: General Records of the United States Government (Includes Indian Treaties)
  • RG 51: Office of Management and Budget (Indian day schools, boarding schools, and hospitals)
  • RG 75: Bureau of Indian Affairs
    See Navigating Record Group 75.


  • RG 46: U.S. Senate
  • RG 148: Commissions of the Legislative Branch
  • RG 149: Government Printing Office (photographs and slides of many subjects)
  • RG 233: U.S. House of Representatives

Health/Human Services

  • RG 90: Public Health Service
  • RG 235: General Records of the Department of Health, Education, and Welfare
  • RG 381: Community Services Administration
  • RG 513: Indian Health Service


  • RG 22: U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
  • RG 48: Office of Secretary of the Interior
  • RG 49: Bureau of Land Management
  • RG 57: U.S. Geological Survey
  • RG 70: U.S. Bureau of Mines
  • RG 76: Boundary and Claims Commissions and Arbitrations
  • RG 79: National Park Service
  • RG 115: Bureau of Reclamation
  • RG 126: Office of Territories
  • RG 187: National Resources Planning Board
  • RG 412: Environmental Protection Agency


  • RG 15: Department of Veterans Affairs
  • RG 45: Naval Records Collection of the Office of Naval Records and Library
  • RG 77: Office of the Chief of Engineers
  • RG 80: General Records of the Department of the Navy
  • RG 92: Office of the Quartermaster General
  • RG 94: Adjunct General’s Office
  • RG 120: American Expeditionary Forces (World War I)
  • RG 159: Office of the Inspector General (Army)
  • RG 393: U.S. Army Continental Commands

Judiciary/Law Enforcement

  • RG 21: District Courts of the United States
  • RG 60: General Records of the Department of Justice
  • RG 118: U.S. Attorneys and Marshals
  • RG 123: U.S. Court of Claims
  • RG 205: Court of Claims Section (Justice)
  • RG 267: Supreme Court of the United States
  • RG 276: U.S. Courts of Appeals
  • RG 279: Indian Claims Commission


  • RG 12: Office of Education
  • RG 79: National Park Service
  • RG 106: Smithsonian Institution
  • RG 111: Chief Signal Officer
  • RG 435: Indian Arts and Crafts Board