Native American Heritage

Reference Reports on Native American Records in the National Archives

Native American genealogy in Federal records depends primarily upon the use of records created by the Office of Indian Affairs (later renamed the Bureau of Indian Affairs). These records relate to tribes officially recognized by the United States, including the Five Civilized Tribes (Cherokee, Choctaw, Chickasaw, Creek, and Seminoles) and other Native American nations involved in treaties or guardianship relationships with the Federal Government.

Native American Reference Reports describe research strategies for frequently used records relating to Native American genealogy, including a variety of census and enrollment rolls created by the Bureau of Indian Affairs and the Bureau of the Census. Some reports also cover published government sources (including the American State Papers and the Official Register) about Indian agents, superintendents, and Native Americans employed by the Office of Indian Affairs in the Department of the Interior.

Click on the title to view a PDF version of the reference report. Note that many microfilm publications mentioned in these reports have been digitized by our partners, and the records will eventually be available in the National Archives Catalog. Please see the list of digitized records available on our partners' website for more information.


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