Research Our Records

What's Allowed in Research Rooms

Allowed Not Allowed
  • All persons with a valid researcher card or a NARA issued photo ID

  • Equipment repairmen escorted by NARA staff are the only people allowed through with a red visitor's badge.

  • Persons without a valid pass, or children under 14 years old

  • Food, drink (including water) candy, gum, cigarettes, E-Cigarettes, or any other tobacco products

  • Hand Sanitizer, Lotion

Notes and Related Materials

Allowed Not Allowed
  • Stamped research notes on loose paper, NARA issued paper and note cards, handouts, and NARA publications

  • One approved book at a time

  • Pencils and mechanical pencils

  • Envelopes, notebooks, pads, binders, folders, Pens, markers "Post-it" notes (unless stapled to pre-existing notes)

Special Equipment

Allowed * Not Allowed ***
  • Video and audio recording decks

  • Cameras, camcorders and tripods

  • Photographic copy stands (with approval)

  • Video tapes, audio tapes, and film

  • Scanners (only flatbed without autofeed)

  • Personal computers

  • CDs/DVDs
  • Flash bulbs

  • Personal copiers

  • Scanners with auto-feed attachments whether the attachment is disabled or not

  • Hand wand scanners

Please Note:

* All equipment must be removed from cases and the cases stored in lockers

***Any non government owned equipment is prohibited in from the classified research rooms

Clothing and Personal Effects

Allowed Not Allowed
  • Sweaters and sweatshirts, with or without hoods, short (waist length), indoor business attire (such as suit jackets, sports coats, blazers, or waist-length indoor jackets with or without zippers)

  • Scarves, no more than four inches wide and four feet in length

  • Vests (with small pockets & no inner pockets)

  • Religious headwear and garments

  • Small silk or similar indoor- type kerchiefs

  • Coin purses or small pocket sized wallets

  • Small Eye Glass Cases

  • Clear plastic "sandwich/food storage type" bags for holding small items no larger than 10" x 10"
  • Outerwear: Garments worn over indoor clothing primarily as protection against the elements such as, overcoats, coat-type sweaters, wind breakers and jackets (other than indoor business attire)**

  • Hats, caps, or scarves (wider than four inches wide or four feet in length)

  • Purses, fanny packs, briefcases, suitcases, handbags, backpacks, boxes, bags, equipment bags, or containers of any kind

  • Clear plastic bags if larger than 10"x10"

  • Camera Vests

** Please Note:
You may also be asked to remove any outer clothing that is wet or contains outdoor debris. NARA reserves the right to determine whether a garment is considered to be outerwear.