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National Archives Items in the World Digital Library

The National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) contributed digital copies of items from its archival holdings to the World Digital Library. The World Digital Library is a free web site featuring multilingual, primary source materials from cultural institutions around the world. A video of the World Digital Library prototype is available online.

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Engrossed Declaration of Independence, 08/02/1776 (National Archives Identifier 1419123) Dunlap Broadside [Declaration of Independence], 07/04/1776 (National Archives Identifier 301682) Articles of Confederation, 03/01/1781 (National Archives Identifier 301687) Treaty of Paris, 09/03/1783 (National Archives Identifier 299805) Constitution of the United States, 09/17/1787 (National Archives Identifier 1667751)
Bill of Rights, 09/25/1789 (National Archives Identifier 1408042) Illustrated Family Record (Fraktur) Found in Revolutionary War Pension and Bounty-Land-Warrant Application File W3079, for Philip Frey, Pennsylvania, ca. 1800 - ca. 1900 (National Archives Identifier 300195) Treaty between the Ottawa, Chippewa, Wyandot, and Potawatomi Indians, 11/17/1807 (National Archives Identifier 596331) Active Passage, Saturna Group, Looking West, 1857 - 1862 (National Archives Identifier 305490) Photograph of President Abraham Lincoln,  (National Archives Identifier 530413)
Map of the Battles of Bull Run Near Manassas, 1861-1862 (National Archives Identifier 594732) Letter Written in Cipher on Mourning Paper by Rose Greenhow, 08/23/1861 (National Archives Identifier 1634036) President Lincoln, Allan Pinkerton, and Maj. Gen. John A. McClernand, ca. 1860 - ca. 1865 (National Archives Identifier 530415) Emancipation Proclamation, 01/01/1863 (National Archives Identifier 299998) To the Woods!, 11/1/1906 (National Archives Identifier 306110)
Affidavit of Loui Young Stating that He is the Father of Louie Jock Sung, and Deposition of Non Chinese Witnesses (Documents Were Executed in New York City), 2/15/1909 (National Archives Identifier 278671) Two 7 Year Old Newsies, Profane and Smart, Selling Sunday, Nashville, Tennessee, 11/13/1910 (National Archives Identifier 523340) Certificate of Ratification of the Nineteenth Amendment to the Constitution, Accompanied by Resolution and Transcript of the Journals of the two Houses of the General Assembly of the State of Tennessee, 8/24/1920 (National Archives Identifier 306664) Looking across Lake toward Mountains, Evening, McDonald Lake, Glacier National Park, Montana, 1933-1942 (National Archives Identifier 519861) Cliff Palace, Mesa Verde National Park, Colorado (Vertical Orientation), 1933-1942 (National Archives Identifier 519942)
Taken at Dusk or Dawn from Various Angles during Eruption, Old Faithful Geyser, Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming (Vertical Orientation), 1933-1942 (National Archives Identifier 520016) Trees with Snow on Branches, Half Dome, Apple Orchard, Yosemite, California, 04/1933 (National Archives Identifier 520018) View from River Valley, Canyon de Chelly National Monument, Arizona (Vertical Orientation), 1933-1942 (National Archives Identifier 519851) Edison, Kern County, California, Young Migratory Mother, Originally from Texas, 4/11/1940 (National Archives Identifier 521780) Age 70, She Came from Near Greeley, Nebraska, with Sister Age 65, Nephew Age 30, and Brother Age 68, 4/11/1940 (National Archives Identifier 521788)
Between Weedpatch and Lamont, Kern County, California, Children Living in Camp, 4/12/1940 (National Archives Identifier 521700) Near Buckeye, Maricopa County, Arizona, Migrant [African-American] Cotton Picker and Her Baby, 11/1940 (National Archives Identifier 522540) Adolf Hitler in Paris, 6/23/1940 (National Archives Identifier 540179) Declaration of Intention for Albert Einstein, 10/1/1940 (National Archives Identifier 596270) Hayward, California, Two Children of the Mochida Family who, with Their Parents, Are Awaiting Evacuation, 5/8/1942 (National Archives Identifier 537507)
We Can Do It!, ca. 1942 - ca. 1943 (National Archives Identifier 535413) Basic and Advanced Flying School for Negro Air Corps Cadets, Tuskegee, Alabama... In the Center is Capt. Roy F. Morse, Air Corps. He is Teaching the Cadets How to Send and Receive Code, 01/1942 (National Archives Identifier 535830) Declaration of Intention of Maria von Trapp, 1/21/1944 (National Archives Identifier 596198) WWII: Europe: France, Into the Jaws of Death - U.S. Troops Wading through Water and Nazi Gunfire, ca. 06/06/1944 (National Archives Identifier 195515) A Youngster, Clutching His Soldier Father, Gazes upward While the Latter Lifts His Wife from the Ground to Wish Her a Merry Christmas, 12/1944 (National Archives Identifier 535527)
George Bush, Captain of the Yale Baseball Team, Receives Babe Ruth's Manuscript of His Autobiography Which He Was Donating to Yale, 1948 (National Archives Identifier 186375) Letter from Linda Kelly, Sherry Bane, and Mickie Mattson to President Dwight D. Eisenhower Regarding Elvis Presley,  (National Archives Identifier 594359) President Greets Peace Corps Volunteers, White House, South Lawn, 09/01/1962 (National Archives Identifier 194180) Civil Rights March on Washington, D.C. [Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., President of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, and Mathew Ahmann, Executive Director of the National Catholic Conference for Interracial Justice, in a Crowd], 8/28/1963 (National Archives Identifier 542014) Photograph of Richard M. Nixon and Elvis Presley at the White House, 12/21/1970 (National Archives Identifier 1634221)
Earth, as Seen by Astronauts Eugene Cernan, Ronald Evans and Harrison Schmidt from Apollo 17, 12/1972 (National Archives Identifier 553803) Hitchhiker with His Dog, Tripper, on U.S. 66, U.S. 66 Crosses the Colorado River at Topock, 05/1972 (National Archives Identifier 549112) The George Washington Bridge in Heavy Smog, View toward the New Jersey Side of the Hudson River, 05/1973 (National Archives Identifier 548335)