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Strategic Diversity Plans

NARA understands that its most powerful tool for achieving mission success is reliant on our ability to recruit and retain a high-performing workforce that leverages diversity and promotes inclusivity as a catalyst for new ideas and innovation, helping us to solve not only the problems of today but also the challenges of tomorrow. To guide our efforts, NARA has implemented several strategic plans, the Diversity and Inclusion Plan, Federal Equal Opportunity Recruitment Program (FEORP), Veterans Operational Plan (VOP) and the Strategic Plan for the Recruitment, Hiring, and Retention of Individuals with Disabilities.

Collectively, our plans identify strategies to:

  • Develop a pipeline of potential applicants, inclusive of women, minorities and individuals with disabilities;

  • Provide learning and development opportunities for employees to maximize their potential; and

  • Create a diverse and inclusive workplace environment/culture

View the existing plans:

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